Sundered War?


Sundered War? Came across this pic. What is this? Are there some rules? I am intrigued?


No idea myself but I’ll stick around with ya’ till we find out. It looks very interesting.


Looks like a good DM tool for managing political gaming.

Id love to hear the story behind this as well


I read this as “sundried” Several times before getting it right.

To me it doesn’t even look ICRPG related. Where did you find it?


It was on the Facebook page


I like the simplified take on the map.


Ah I don’t use Facebook so never saw it


Couldnt be anything original… :stuck_out_tongue: everyone knows Colville invented kingdom war rules, not me :smiley:


I’m not a fan of his rules. I had a hard time reading that book. Matt seems to just write to write.

We are prepping for large scale war and mass combat in our 3yr campaign. I’ve homebrewed some very simple d6 & d12 rules. This inspired me. THANK YOU
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Would love to see more explanation to how this works on the forum! Anyone got any more information on what this is/how it works/how to play it? Looks awesome