Suggestions for modules


Hail, Shield Wall! This summer I will be running adventures for adults with autism for one week at a summer camp. My group size may fluctuate from 3-10 and for a few campers might be all they want to do in their free time. I am fairly confident in making stuff up on the fly but I am wondering if any of you have favorite modules that come to mind to make this task easier. I’d take any suggestions but something flexible and a bit on the lighter side would be preferred.

I am still trying to decide between using ICRPG or EZD6 but I think I could mold most things to conform to them. I do have some Tiny d6 “stranger stuff” and “camp hope” modules that I originally wanted to pull from but I am a little worried it might hit too close to home and worry some of the more sensitive campers ( I don’t want to cause them to panic about being at camp if they get a little too into it)

As always any and all tips, leads and suggestions are appreciated. I may not get to respond right away over the weekend but a big preemptive thanks to all



If the goal is a rules light games i would say EZD6 as it can become anything you like and its easy to make up things on the fly. Plus all you need to play is a small bag of d6


Just messaged you a couple free adventures, man. Hope that helps!


That’s the way I was leaning. You make a good point with the d6 as well, thanks!