Story Ideas



Setting real timers for conventions and one shots
Synch those watches.


Stepping out of his sleeping quarters Zarlos checks his gear for the day. Wrench check. Breaker bar check. Grease check. Xenos Prime is still a parsec away. Hopefully this bucket of garbage will make it before the crystal discharges…


Warp shell

**Floating amongst the stars, an unholy fortress of doomed and imprisoned killers. A place far from any society or inhabitable planet. All of the most violent and insane are here. There is no hope for these lost souls. One man on board. Trapped for his sins till death, but he is the key to survival. He is what will save the human race. Find him. Free him. Bring him back alive.

There is but one problem. He is in control. He runs the fortress. His survival is of utmost importance. His name is Travanis Derrek


Magic is a pollutant, slowly eroding the very plane we stand in. Mages must be exterminated en mass. Do you join the hunters or become the hunted?


The Heart of the Mountain has been stolen. If the rumors are true it may even be able to resurrect the long dead Colossus.


The dream toad has vanished and no one has slept since. Find out what has happed before people get crazy.


Any setting : the party recovers a weapon of mass destruction. A signal is sent and the hunt is on ; our heroes must not let this weapon fall into any hands!