Story Ideas



Your party runs into a group of Orcs transporting a young women who is shacked and haggard. You fight the Orcs to free the women only to find she was a demon in disguise. You must now team up with the Orcs to re-capture the beast.


Your Warp Shell deposits you at the site of an ancient portal on a remote planet. When you go through the portal, you discover that you are at a location called The Munson Mine, and there is a shootout with people using primitive gunpowder weapons . . . .



You encounter an SOS repeater beacon drifting in space, the signal is archaic and takes a moment to process. The mayday is from your crew and dated for tomorrow, but was launched nearly 200 years ago.


They call it the Hanging Tree. This is the where hero’s are sent to die.


A functioning military ship drifts abandoned; all on board are dead, most by surprise.
You come to learn the battle-bots are infected by errant commands of a long past battle and attacked the crew, reliving history’s war.


A group of scientists working in Antarctica thaw out out an alien creature frozen in the ice. It is an extremely hostile Fungaloid.


During a temples construction, a young monk spoke of visions that warned of a deadly pestilence upon the temples completion. Months later, the temple is done, people are dying slow miserable deaths and the monk is nowhere to be found. The church and local ruler love to question him.


Every thousand years , the entire dragon population gathers together to breed. They have chosen a metropolis outfitted with knights, sorcerers and heroes of the highest caliber as there breeding spot. Strange that.


A local hero returns sick after his last journey. While in fever, he is aggressive and unpredictable.


“The hell do you mean ‘the sky is falling’”?
The sky cracks, and falls towards the planet in shards… Our creators await.


There is a good app for this, you know I love free stuff.

Edit: not ICRPG specific, but I don’t think that matters.


Its been millenia, but the prism has opened. Demonic powers thought long gone have suddenly reappeared on the world stage, wreaking havoc not just among the mortal planes, but with the gods themeselves.


Your party slowly awakes in the tavern after a night of drinking and story telling. You notice that one of your party isn’t waking up, then notice a note that is being held in place by a rusty dagger.


Blood and Snow

While hunting mammoth kin you come across something frozen in the side of an ice field wall. It’s bigger than a mammoth kin, and you think you saw it move.


Alfheim or Warpshell

The plants are all dying; every tree, shrub, field of grass, and field of food just rotting away overnight. Maybe the new resident in that old tower on the hill knows something…


One of your Ghost Mountain players gathers a large number of souls and bets them in The Measure. As Lucifer, you see that this individual is exceptional at reaping souls and would make a great pupil, so you fold a winning hand against the player, making sure they see your cards. The outcome will eat away at the PC until they have a realization: they are now becoming Lucifer.


It was strange when the trees of the nearby woods began to groan, it was passed off as just old wood in the winds. But now the trees are beginning to mumble, shriek, and whisper and no one knows why.


It’s a generation after the alien invasion apocalypse decimated humanity and the people need a hero.

Your characters are a pack of senile old LARPers reliving the old days Don Quixote style as Real Life Super Heroes.


All the player characters are dead! :skull_and_crossbones:

Their ghostly spirit forms, which seem normal to them, scare off NPCs and have very limited abilities to interact with the physical world around them. They can’t take any physical world damage and rarely, if ever, give any. How long before the players realize their actually dead? How did they die? Can they figure out how to resurrect themselves before it’s too late?



An ancient prophecy foretells the doom of all worlds, a cruel malevlont force at the center of the universe consuming all matter. In recent years, its nigh eternal slumber has been briefly interupted, and now it slowly wakes, and so wakes the end of all times.