Story Ideas



Test post here! Everyone sound off with your icrpg story idea. 2 sentences or less.

ICRPG Warp Shell
The core of an ancient planet is unstable. Recover an artifact before it collapses.


Everyone thought the Ulus were too ugly to save, but not Galoka. Follow him to their homeworld and bring peace to the galaxy.


The strange coin knows the way but needs you to carry it. It’s curse prevents you from holding other coins.


Bertram Unger has died and his family will pay a great reward for delivering his body to the family crypt. Something else also wants the body, and will stop at nothing to take it.


The benevolent sorcerer King Valryk is dead! You and a group of stalwart strangers must transport his sacred body to the Tower of Runes before he turns.


The old chapel tower has been in ruins and inaccessible for decades, so what’s been ringing the bell every third Wednesday at three o’clock in the morning?


The traveling act that came into town sent shivers down everyone’s spine with a show depicting vampirism and vengeful spirits. That’s unusual, but now people are starting to fall strangely ill, or disappearing entirely . . . .


The players are ordinary people who wake up in a courthouse. They do not know how they got there. They died and this is their personal Hell. Slowly reveal their grim fate to them. Massive sanity loss!


A necromancer is caring in his temple for the (un)dead, as if they are his children. Now the necromancer has died and no one can control the (un)dead anymore.


After a calamity like no other, the oceans changed to gargantuan forests, and magic cut off from the world. How will everyone reconnect and what will they find?


Strange Meteorite crashes to earth. Corpses begin to rise.


A morbid one, but one that I’d like to run. Perhaps even as a funnel where players are villagers plotting:

Every few years the gallow cart goes by the villages, hanging one ‘chosen’ as tax for Duke Herald. The villagers have had enough of this torment and tyranny and are looking for ways to destroy the cart without too much consequences.


ICRGP Warp Shell

The crew had their memories wiped. They wake up with one crew member missing and an incredibly large sum of money with a note saying thanks for a job well done. But what happend to their crew mate?


Yo @TheSleeplessDM, I don’t think this is a test post anymore. :grin:


The villagers say the scarecrow moves at night. One morning it’s missing, and unfortunate things begin to happen.


ICRPG Alfheim

You awaken chained to a wall with the room shuddering from a powerful impact. Dust and falling stone fill your vision but the real terror, the thing that sets your heart racing and your arms flailing, is realizing you don’t know who you are!



As you approach an ominous planet, the Warpshell’s speakers come to life. At first you could hear nothing, and then, the sound of eerie trumpets and flutes.


One of you has experienced a divine enlightenment in the middle of the city and predicts that the great comet will destroy humanity. A furious crowd surrounds you and plans to burn the prophet.


A group of cloaked and masked artists perform a gripping play on the town square on a late autumn night. When people return home, their children have disappeared into the forests.


An ancient alien is looking to restore Xenos to get off this rock. The ships Mainframe was stolen by a now dead empire and now rests in a great cursed forest which the alien is too weakened by time to enter.