Stats for the Warp Shell ship?



Hello all! I’m just wondering if there’s ever been some resources for a Warp Shell stat block (teh anomalous ship and not PCs) because I’m working on a progression thingy for the space ship which StarCraft II inspired. And I feel like I might be missing some things to make it feel complete. Are there stats in the Master Edition, perhaps?



I don’t think there are, but you can probably make one and use the CHUNK rules to simplify leveling up the ship. One CHUNK = one new ability or item. CHUNKS would cost certain amount of “money” to buy or certain amount of Yog crystals to build. Maybe the Warp Shell itself is able to create all the CHUNK-modules itself if it has enough Yog crystals? I haven’t played StarCraft II yet. How does spaceship progression work there?

(off-topic: I am wondering if any spaceship-rules from Mothership or any building-rules from the Year Zero-games can be used. I was playing some Forbidden Lands recently and wondered if you can take the stronghold-mechanic and apply it to space stations/ships).


I had forgotten about Yog (YOG?) crystals! I don’t mind using CHUNKS if I have to make the Warp Shell myself, but I was hoping to avoid some trouble… Because the progression mechanic is actually the Hex Flower from Goblin Henchman. I already have the buttons done (by Runehammer no less!) for the mechanic and I originally wanted it really similar to how the Spear of Adun levels up in StarCraft II but I had to revise my approach…

So, if I have to make the Warp Shell myself that means I have to work on that and then the progression mechanic which is… less than ideal for me…


I haven’t heard of the Hex Flower-mechanic before but I’ve read this article now. I still don’t understand though how the WARP SHELL comes into this. Do you want to represent the WARP SHELL by a hex flower? If so, why?

There’s probably something I’m not getting, but isn’t the hex flower more for something like a dungeon crawl, generating terrain or emulating behaviour? Do you want to give the WARP SHELL its own options of acting by assigning certain outcomes to each hex to let the dice decide what the WARP SHELL does in a certain moment?

Why did you have to revise your approach building your WARP SHELL-progression like the Spear of Adun levels? From the video you sent me it looks like it’s a very straightforward tiered skill tree (although it does not allow for variation) with options costing X amount of currency and higher skills being dependent on having prerequisite skills unlocked.
I am no game designer, but that seems rather easy to implement, doesn’t it? :sweat_smile:


It’s easy to implement but it’s not how upgrades work: I want the PCs to find LOOT for the Warp Shell and I want the hex flower to be the table for finding loot and also building adventures since finding Warp Shell LOOT (for the spaceship) also brings the players closer to the end of the adventure! :smiley:


Okay, I get it!
Here’s something of the top off my hat: the WARP SHELL does have inventory slots like characters in Diablo and the LOOT you generate with the hex flower has tags that specify where it can be installed.


I was thinking about that! :grin:

  • Installation time.
  • How much resources it needs to be active.
  • Slots, specific for most loot.
  • Additional resources needed for some weapons, recharge rate for the Warp Shell?
  • Which station is it controlled from?


Okay, so a bit more granular than simply finding it and slotting it in.
Maybe have a look at the stronghold-mechanics in Forbidden Lands or the spaceship-mechanics in Coriolis.
I only know little bits of the stronghold-mechanic in FL but it lists all upgrades/buildings as FUNCTIONS.
Each function needs certain talents on the player’s side to be built, certain raw materials, tools and time and increases one’s repuation and has a certain effect.
For example:
There’s also rules for upkeep which can be done by the players or by hiring a handyman. There’s probably lots of stuff that can be transposed into a sci-fi setting.


Looks good, in fact it reminds me of another game but I don’t remember which!
Could you link me the other two games you’re talking about, please? :slight_smile:


There’s Coriolis by Free League and Mothership by Tuesday Knight Games.
As of now you can still download the free pdf for Mothership.


Official stats for the Warp Shells… Never seen any. The Warp Shell in all adventures and the world primer is always described and used as a plot device to take the heroes where they need to be, not an item. And considering the Warp Shell is actually a living thing that drives itself, you could stat it as either a creature or vehicle if you reeeeeeeally need it. I would only recommend giving the Warp Shell drive at least 2-4 chunks just for the drive, since it’s so much of the ship itself… Also, aren’t Warp Shells usually non-armed ships? I have to check that.