Starting Abilities and LOOT - Expanded Warrior - Alfheim



Hey Guys!

Can I get some feedback from the good folks here.

I’m looking to expand the Alfheim Character Classes by adding in some additional Starting Ability and Loot Options. Could I have some feedback on making things not too crazy or too boring?

Just as a note. All of these ideas I am sharing are homebrew, none are in the book itself that I know of, but if posting a table is a bad idea, please just let me know and I’ll take them down. I left some spots for places where obvious CORE BOOK loot or abilities would be included (if you have the book you’ll know).

Thank you for any feedback you have!!

If this is something the community likes, I have more for other classes, and boy I could really use some help (Looking at you Bards)


i wouldnt put TOO MUCH work into it. Give a brief but clear defintion of the character “archetypes”. Design it with the PC. You can as make as many archetypes as you want but ultimately what the characters envision for themselves never quite completely fits the archetype you made. This would be daunting for 5e but is relatively easy for ICRPG. You can use milestone rewards as “increased abilities/skills” (as in 5e) and loot as the additional “power” they have. With Loot as primary “power ups” you can “Adjust Things” to eliminate any “brokeness” of game.