Starter Loot Philosophy




Axio here with YET ANOTHER question (sorry, but I REALLY REALLY DIG THIS SYSTEM, and I wish to grok its design ethos to the fullest!)

Until I feel proficient enough to meddle with the dials a bit, I’m using the Classes as suggested on Core as a starting point to design my own. However, I noticed that the Guardian (Alfheim) features more than one of the items from the “Starter Loot” list. Now, I have absolutely no issue with this (badass is badass in any language, rock on), but I am a bit thrown off by the structure provided in the create character section, where it says to only choose one, vis a vis the Guardian class’ proposed flexibility. Is this a matter A) the Choose one prompt serving more as a foundation to promote a baseline type of balance for beginners, or B) it should it be considered as strongly suggested, lest the balance become too skewed too quickly, with the Guardian class write-up being more of an outlier example?


I think of it as Choose 1, the list of “Recommended Gear” is recommended.

As to balance totally separate conversation…I am thinking that has been thrown out the window in favor of cool factor/Fun.

The Shadow also has 2 recommended.

Recommended is recommended, or good choices, but in this case, you don’t get both…you choose the flavor you start with all seem good choices, and the starting loot is for the most part generic, not class specific, but some would be more flavor-full to certain classes.


Great question! I think we answered this topic pretty thoroughly here:


Quick summary.
What is Recommended for a Class is not what they Get as a starting character. It’s just recommended. Follow the creation and you’re golden.


Oh no! I’m so sorry! Should’ve used search before asking! Thank you so much!!


That wasn’t a reprimand or anything close, and if you’re like me, I can’t always think of the right search terms. I just threw up the link because I happened to remember that thread and hoped the additional responses would be helpful. Please do not worry about asking questions, even if there is already a post about it, so no apologies necessary. We are super relaxed around here. :smiley:


Also that might not be the only thread on this topic :slight_smile:

A lot of us have seen the wheel turn — so to speak — as new folks find the system.

Pg. 32 and pg. 52 on the black side bars of core are great examples for making a character. Both start and end with the player doing all the design work.

Pretty quick into launch a lot of people went to the “pick any milestone” option rather than “you can only pick this class and the starting milestone that comes with it.”

Let the players control the creation process and you will be amazed by what they bring to the table.


Finding such a great game, and such great people along with it…doesn’t get any better than that! Thank you all a ton!