SPOILER ALERT! Roll For Effort: Kath Ch1!



The FACE on @JDStirling after that Breath Attack hit Jerrun @TheSleeplessDM and Stubborn @Jason_Scranton ! PRICELESS!!
Go watch it!!



Breath attack?!? That happened?!?? :smirk:


Oh so deviously! Monster!


When that hellfire dropped on us 8x in one round, I figured Alex wanted to wrap up the night and get some new characters for next week.


At that point I totally thought they were coming back! Whew, brutal night for sure! A terror to behold, haha.


Anaxamon is the Keeper of the Eternal Flame is he not? Ya need some kind of Firestorm spell!!!
Read the flesh-book!!!


that was such a great set of epic moments