Spider and Snake tokens?


Hello broskis,

I am running a low level dungeoncrawl with some chaos cultists (using the invincible token), bandits (using some of the hero tokens) and orcs (using the “slog” token), but I’m looking for spiders and snakes to round out the cast.

Anyone know if something like these exist among the shieldwall? As a side request, I gather than Hankerin releases tokens and adventures as part of his patreon but couldn’t find the details… at what level and how many are we talking about?



I don’t know if this is any help but @Chaologic put out a set of snake men a while back.



Will these work for you @Metalbrau ?




I’m working on a spider pack right now for my grimdark fantasy series. :slight_smile: Here’s a little look:

They should be ready in about a week with web pieces and such!


That’s perfect man! Nice work!


that skull spider is awesome.


output-onlinepngtools_41 boss_monster_giant_cave_spider_-_Excolor1

icon_SpiderSwarm monster_giant_cobra-Excolor1 monster_giant_cobra


I dig on those quite a bit!


to be clear they aren’t mine, they are just tokens that were publically shared on the epic isometric discord.


Look fantastic, thanks! This community rocks!


Grimdark Spider Pack is up if you’re in need! It’s $1, just a heads up. :slight_smile: