Spells... how do you handle them?




are you allowing multiple spells being cast by the same mage at the same time?


Are you asking whether mages can cast multiple spells with a single action? No.

Are you asking whether they can maintain multiple spells that have duration other than instant? It depends but mostly yes, provided none of them require concentration.


One of the things I absolutely loved about the first edition of Feng Shui was that you could cast multiple spells in one action. This allowed for crazy stunts, like casting an Explosion spell and a ‘Chucking things around’ spell on a rock, resulting in an impromptu grenade :wink:

I’ll allow it in my games, with every spell cast after the first being a HARD task.


Sure, you can do such a thing. Since each spell has a cost, letting a caster cast multiple ones with a single action is doable. Like you said you can make the casting roll HARD for any spell beyond the first or you can make the caster pay more HP.

The choices are endless.


This is the sort of stunt I’d whip out the RISKY mechanic for: RISKY rolls crit Fail on a natural 1-3. Can be combined with HARD.


if you are using the SPELL BURN mechanic, then I would just say give them two ticks and have them roll HARD. keep it simple with one actual spell roll to not take up too much time or make the other players feel abandoned.

If you’re doing the MAGIC system with HP, they pay HP for each spell (dependant on Spell Level and POWER) and Mercurial goes of on nat 1-2


I like that! Aaaand I admit I can’t find it in the rulebook… an index, a kingdom for an index!


I’m not surprised you can’t find it. I made it up :smiley:


We generally don’t allow multiple spells in one turn, if only to preserve the action economy. Indeed, there’s a loot item that grants this special bonus: #96 on the ancient loot table, the spellsinger ring. If you allow multiple casts in one turn as a matter of course, then you obviously make this ring obsolete and make the mage turns slightly longer.

But. The cool thing about ICRPG is that you can easily meld it to your style of play. Make it your own depending on your preferences and the style of game you are running. Just like @Andreas’s cool Risky mechanic. Come up with something that works. We have found some of our best mechanics by just experimenting or playing loose with the rules.