Spelljammer for ICRPG anyone? Let's make it together!


AetherJammer time!

ok gang, let’s do a collaborative world building exercise.
Here’s where I’m starting from:

Alfheim Life Forms and Types

The AetherJammer Document from the Patreon or Drivethrurpg. go get it, you want it anyway, it’ll work for any airborne combat

SpellJammer like setting, but just not SpellJammer enough to avoid copyright infringement.

So our job is to approximate enough material to replicate SpellJammer in ICRPG. I’m sure together we can get this done!

Ill Start…


Space Pirate.
Master of Aetherjammer combat

Starting Abilities

Duelist - When engaged in a 1 on 1 duel with an opponent you do an additional 1d6 damage and your opponent must make an INT check to disengage

Helmsman - Your DEX Checks to make maneuvers and avoid obstacles are never HARD also, Your engine rolls are +1 rounds when pursuing or fleeing from an opponent

Dread Pirate - You have an intimidating presence and reputation, make a battle cry as an action and all opponents who hear it must make a WIS save or cower in fear from you for 1d4 turns

Starting Loot

Dueling Buckler - Def +1, +2 vs blades. Can be used as a weapon to strike an opponent

Galactic Map - Navigation Checks are EASY. Has a secret location marked on it, is that treasure?

Pirate Garb - Heavy Pirate Coat, Hat, Eye patch, and Boots, Defense +3. Your Intimidation Checks against non Pirates are EASY

Milestone Awards

1 Ever Stronger

2 Erol Flyin’ - With a DEX check you can use ropes, rigging, sails, winches, and netting to swing, climb, or tumble quickly across the ship moving far beyond your normal range. Just don’t roll a 1, yeah?

3 Engineer - Successful checks to make repairs do double effort dice and you can reroll 1 & 2’s on engine refuel checks

4 Spacer - You always have your sense of direction in space even without another object to relate to. You can guess the rough distance between two objects you know of in space with an INT check

5 Smuggler - Hold +2 as many parts or +20 people as HP in your Cargo Hold. Attempts to find your hidden cache are HARD

6 Zero Genius - You are as at home in Zero G as you are with gravity. You suffer no negative effects of being in Zero G and DEX checks to maneuver can never be HARD because of it

7 Scavenger - Obliterated parts can still be recovered and repaired from enemy ships if parts and the means to repair them are available. When you roll on the Loot table you can choose to reroll your die once but must keep the next roll


Griff +1 STR +2 Gun Effort

A large, muscular Thick skin Race with heads resembling Hippos. They stand approximately 8’ tall. They are an intelligent and innovative species that has developed breakthroughs in firearm and Aetherjammer technologies. This race has lived primarily in space for so long even they no longer know where their home planet is. To survive this space bound race has often sold its services as guns for hire.


Ginormous Space Gerbil

Like a Gerbil, but the size of a large bear and from SPAAAAACCCCEEEEE

2 hearts, +6 STR, +3 all others

Bite - weapon damage, Huge rodent jaws with sharp teeth

Pounce - The Ginormous Space Hamster charges up to FAR distance and makes a pouncing attack. On success it does D8 damage and the opponent is grappled and pinned beneath it

Ah Nuts! - after a successful Pounce attack the GS Gerbil can make a STR check to swallow the target whole, storing them in their cheeks. The target will take 1d4 gnawing damage every round until a HARD Str check is made by the target or an ally to free them. If the target reaches 0 HP this way they are swallowed and digested, no death saves allowed

OK, I showed mine, let’s see yours! What’ve you got shield wall?


I don’t mean to be a spoil sport but I would definitely recommend the new product from runehammer aetherhammer (I am mistyping that)

Anyway see the link below, love what you’ve done above.



Oh this was definitely inspired by that. My idea is to make some types, life forms, and monsters to use in conjunction with the aetherjammer document to have a spelljammer like ICRPG game