Space Fantasy Weapons



Hey guys, I had an idea a while back for a space fantasy setting, kind of similar to Star Wars/Dune/40k that I might use to run a game at some point. Just for fun, I started on creating a list of weapons for said universe. I haven’t figured out how they all work mechanically, but I could post it here and maybe it’ll give you guys ideas for your games.

Laser Rifle: A favorite among sharpshooters. Easy to use, accurate at any range, lethal/non-lethal.

Laser Pistol: Commonly used by civilians. Easy to use, accurate at any range, lethal/non-lethal, concealable.

Assassin’s laser pistol: Projects invisible, noiseless lasers that kill. Near-range, easily concealed, deals 1d20 damage if unseen.

Plasma Repeater: Automatic rifle that fires ionized gas cartridges. Damage 1D3 targets with each shot.

Coilgun: Semi-automatic pistol that fires electromagnetically propelled slugs. 2X Effort.

Shard Rifle: Belt-fed assault weapon that fires exploding crystal bullets. Targets within near range of each other must roll DEX to avoid exploding fragments.

Slag Gun: Fires a wide, devastating ray of heat, damaging everything in front of the gun up to near range.

Plasma Cannon: Highly dangerous and unstable weapon. Deals ULTIMATE damage to all targets within near range of impact. Add another d12 for every TURN spent charging your shot. On a roll of 9 or lower, the weapon overheats and cannot be used for the duration of combat. On a natural 1, the weapon explodes, dealing ULTIMATE damage to yourself and anything else at near you. Occupies 3 inventory slots.

Mordrak Runeblade: An ancient weapon, imbued with psychic energy.

Sonic Warhammer: Sends shockwaves with every strike. Enemies in near range are blown away, knocking them out for 1d4 rounds.

Shockstaff: Near range; does an additional 1d4 damage, and the target must save vs. CON or be tased for one round.

Thermal Greatsword: Massive two-handed sword with self-heating blade. Always inflicts ULTIMATE damage. Occupies 3 inventory slots.

Plasma Axe: A welding tool converted into a deadly weapon that fires jets of plasma at its end. On a roll of 15+, target is set on fire and takes continuous damage for 1d4 rounds.


For a Loot table, this is a great idea.

For just regular weapons, not everything needs special rules.

But I love you ideas…

Game On!


Anti-tank rifle / railgun : Deals triple effort, must reload after each shot. Staying motionless before shooting allows one to use the scope, making it EASY to hit.

Motorchain blade : While out of gas or turned of, acts as a simple melee weapon. When turned on, roll an additionnal damage die, and both the dice explode on a 6.


I saw Space Fantasy, and instantly thought of the 1983 movie Krull. I watched that so many times as a kid…

Space Fantasy, gotta go with the weapon the Slayers use. Ranged energy spear/lance. One shot at range, flip it around and you got a spear.

And of course, the Glaive. Controllable, spinning death.