Source (From Divinity Original Sin 2) in ICRPG


I’m planning on making an adventure in the setting of DOS:2 so I wanted to make source magic a mechanic. Source magic in DOS:2 is an extremely powerful type of magic which requires the use of “Source Points”. Source points are very rare, so you have to think carefully before using source magic, especially with spells that require more than one source point. I thought maybe this type of system would be cool to use in ICRPG but with Yog instead of source. Maybe you could use Yog crystals to cast spells above your level or even level 5 spells. Do you have any other ideas on how it could work? And if you played DOS:2, do you have any ideas for cool mechanics I could add?

EDIT: Here is a list of Source spells in DOS:2, though in ICRPG most of these wouldn’t be considered very strong