Some Table Clutter (Prepping VC)


I’m thinking the tone we’ll be going for is one of not often getting a hero coin or other “gimme” advantage that affects check/attempt/effort rolls, but rather more superhero movie tropes.

With that in mind, here’s a bit of my prep in progress as I organize the game mechanic playstyle I’ll be using for upcoming Vigilante City runs.

More to come later on week as I get the Session Zero table clutter and bulletin boards put together. :nerd_face:


Dude! The BAM, BOOM, POW is epic! :raised_hands: Super cool, man.


Behold the power of a Hobby Lobby Coupon! (And a whole lotta cardstock and toner…)

Here’s a couple pics of where I’m leaving off for tonight on the City Board (Which will also include Locations of interest to PCs as they emerge) and the Hero Board (Which will have on the left the Heroes’ XP tracker cards for 1s and 20s, and Relevant Plot elements—cards per hero with Small table of the People Places, Things, Events etc that will only have a chance of appearing/advancing in sessions they play in).

In the middle (replacing Stakes) will be the coming Menace, stealing the concept mechanic from Geiger Counter of gradually as things go on across Campaign and the clock ticks closer to midnight they are narrowing down details of the coming Biggest Baddest Villain or unlocking non-City locations. On the right will be a short list of “Issues” who played, vs who, where.


i do love your boards. Everything is there to give the Players something to anchor on. I think i have to get some cheap Boards to add to my gaming experience


Thanks! I got the three of them I’ve been using back in late 2017 for a steal (like 5$ after School Supply rush was over and stores were putting them on Clearance.) They’ve really helped in lots of ways besides the Campaign/World boards. Sometimes I use them to pre-stage setpiece location encounters and such, too.


Awesome man. I consider you the resident mad scientist of ICRPG. :man_scientist:

Giving hero coins some effects is a superb idea. Here’s the name for it: Action Coin.


“Resident Mad Scientist of ICRPG”

Bahahahaha! Love it! That made my day. :nerd_face:


In the name of science!


I love your style, this this inspiring!


And also bargain shopping/re-purposing stuff!

For example:
Dollar General near me has put the good metal 14” x 14” dry erase boards down to $3.44 each. So I picked up a couple more and will be able to put down City Grids on table that are actual Blocks, with empty spaces between being Street.

And those metal dry erase boards are the bomb!