Some notes for a ICRPG megadungeon


Working out an idea on a Sunday afternoon- how to make a megadungeon that matches ICRPG’s mechanics and speed. Now to block out each level…

Behold the post-post-apocalyptic Underlair of Demonlord Mercedes Sodacan!

Community ICRPG Halloween Dungeon?

Very nice! I think you’ve achieved your goal. As a GM I could easily take no more than what you’ve put down here and run with it playing RPG.


I love your guiding principles! The focus on variety while streamlining the experience is fantastic!

Please share more of this!


Oh I will for sure. I’ve really missed using pen/brush and black ink, so I’m going to draw each level on Bristol paper - I’ll post them and their keys on here when I’m done.


Your guiding principles are spot-on! With those plus Overview map this is the start of a great dungeon.


Very Nice!
Like the Post Post Apocalyptic Theme and the Level Names are inspiring.
Keep us updated!


lets see those level floorplans! :slight_smile:


Aye, aye, Captain!

Heading to NYC for the weekend, back at it next week. They’ll be up here by next Friday!