Some homebrew options to expand Types in ICRPG



Greetings! This is my first post on this forum. I have played only 2 sessions of ICRPG and I love it! Especially the timers really add tension and risk to my table, which is something I struggled with before. Anyway, here are some Type options I came up with to expand those in the master edition rulebook. I don’t really have that much experience with this game so please don’t judge too harshly. Also: English isn’t my native language so forgive any grammar mistakes. Of course, feedback is always welcome! I really liked coming up with these!

Starting abilities

  • Barbarian: Anytime you paint your face with the blood of your enemies you gain an extra +3 weapon effort.
  • Commander: You can give an epic speech to your allies: Make an CHA check and you and your allies add 1d10 to your next attack.
  • Street fighter: You don’t play well with rules. Make a DEX roll to use dirty tricks on your enemies are always EASY
  • Battle smith: You’ve made your own unique weapon with MAGIC EFFORT, Choose a damage type: fire, ice, earth, air and envision your weapon.
  • Storm 's Herald: You’re a servant of the winds, a knight of the storms. Conjure up a local thunderstorm and push enemies FAR with a HARD STR check
  • Animal spirit: You have an animal spirit as a companion during battle. (1 HEART, magic effort, +2 STATS)

Starting Loot

  • Book of Warfare: This tome contains ancient knowledge on strategic warfare and enemy tactics. Roll an INT check to gain a read on enemies & gain + 3 on your next roll
  • Wolfskull-helmet: Intimidating enemies is EASY
  • War horn: Use it 1/fight to inspire your allies and double their next damage rolls
  • Ancestral armor: You wear your ancestor’s old but reliable armor: +3 DEF

Milestone abilities

  • Two weapon fighting style: Attack 2 enemies with 1 attack roll
  • Shield Bash: Use your shield as a weapon with 1d8 EFFORT
  • Warcry: Shout at enemies to inflict ULTIMATE damage once per fight


  • Commander: When you defeat an enemy in combat, you may direct an ally to make an additional attack.
  • Street fighter: You fight fast and furious. You are immune to all harm for 1D4 ROUNDS
  • Battle smith: Your unique weapon is now sentient and can contains 3 WIS SPELLS

Starting abilities

  • Bounty hunter: EASY WIS rolls to find humanoids out in civilized settlements
  • Arrow maker: infuse an arrow with 1 WIS spell each session
  • Beastheart: Gain a wild animal companion. (1 HEART, WEAPON effort, +3 STATS)
  • Wild Soul: You’re attuned to the inner workings of the world and its fate. Use a TURN and gain insight on nearby danger

Starting Loot

  • Hunting Knife: when this knife tastes someone’s blood you’ll know their general direction
  • Poison spear: enemies take 1d6 poison damage for 1d4 rounds after hit by this spear
  • Animal whistle: a bone whistle made to lure nearby animals

Milestone abilities

  • Bone-smith: Create armor and weapons from the bones of beast-type enemies: +2 defense/MAGIC EFFORT (your weapons might have other powers, specific to the animal whose bones you’ve used. Talk about it with your GM)
  • Master Chef: Prepare a stew of meat and vegetables. Everyone gains 5 HP.
  • Tree Speaker: You can now talk with plants, trees and other nature elements.


  • Bounty hunter: EASY rolls to track humans and monsters in all locations, including wilderness.
  • Arrow maker: Infuse 4 arrows with a WIS spell each session.
  • Beastheart: For 1d4 hours you can count on the help of all the animals nearby.
  • Wild Soul: Roll WIS to gaze 1d4 hours or days into the past.

SHADOW Starting abilities

  • Spy: You have access to a big network of spies, whispers & rumors. Never roll HARD to gain knowledge on other people.
  • Poisoner: Once per session, craft a poison that does one of the following things: kill a person at once/Let someone speak the truth/Scare someone with illusionary visions. (The GM should decide how long it takes to make the poison, depending on the necessary ingredients and the nature of the poison.)
  • Saboteur: You have a talent for breaking and smashing. Gain + 3 BASIC EFFORT to tinker with enemy constructions or weapons.

Starting Loot

  • 5 sleep arrows: When hit, enemies fall asleep.
  • Arcane explosive: 5 small, portable clockwork devices which deal MAGIC damage when set off.
  • Swift sable: uses DEX instead of STR to make attack rolls

Milestone abilities

  • Friends in low places: 1/session you can use your contacts in the underworld to do something for you. (But: everyone has a price…)
  • Jump for joy: making attacks from higher places are always EASY
  • Selfmade surgeon: use your nimble hands to set bones straight and heal wounds: roll a HARD DEX check heal 1 HEART during an action.


  • Spy: Roll INT to gain useful information about your current location.
  • Poisoner: Roll a D12 on the Magical plants and fungi table (p328) to get a random poison. (The player could work with the GM and come up with her own poison effects)
  • Saboteur: You can now make your own explosives. You can make 1d4 explosives each session which deal GUNS EFFORT

Starting abilities

  • Kingsman: You’re a loyal agent and you do as your king commands. Always roll EASY whenever using your special alliance with his majesty in your favor.
  • Storyteller: Roll CHA when telling stories about your adventures. When successful, you gain popularity & influence.
  • Swashbuckler: Roll EASY DEX checks when using the environment in your favor whilst fighting or fleeing.

Starting Loot

  • Voice gem: Little device which lets you talk with someone else’s voice
  • Trusty steed: A horse and your best friend. You’re able to talk to each other.
  • Mist dagger: You can use this dagger to conjure a smoke curtain and create tiny illusionary visuals.

Milestone abilities

  • Friends in high places: Other Kingsmen always come to your aid when you need them. You can count on certain services such as shelter, spycraft and the aid of a royal knight.
  • Master of memories: look in a persons’ eyes and make an EASY roll to unlock their deepest secrets, memories & desires.
  • Power chords: deal MAGIC damage with your instrument


  • Kingsman: You now can directly contact his majesty the king whenever necessary.
  • Storyteller: EASY INT check when trying to recall a story, myth or legend from long ago.
  • Swashbuckler: Your notorious reputation advances you. Roll CHA to gain favours in a new place.

Starting abilities

  • Arcane warrior: The best of both worlds. Use your INT stat to make melee attacks.
  • Academic: Roll EASY whenever trying to discover some magical lore.
  • Necromancer: You have 1 undead servant. (Uses the skeleton statblock p140)

Starting Loot

  • Spell sword: A two handed sword which contains 3 INT spells.
  • Grey Staff: Make EASY CHA rolls to talk with ghosts.
  • Iron Mage Armor: +2 DEFENSE & 2 INT spells.

Milestone abilities

  • Master of the house: Roll INT to create a big mansion for 1d4 days .
  • Searcher: Make ASY INT rolls to know the location of nearby spell books, mage academies and hidden libraries
  • Rune carver: Make an INT check to draw runes on objects and constructions to change their texture or shape.


  • Arcane warrior: Create your own magical weapon which does +3 WEAPON EFFORT and holds 1 INT spell
  • Academic: You’re able to create your own INT spells.
  • Necromancer: Death is your slave. The first time you gain 0 HP, roll 1d4 HP and come back to life. It’s the second death that counts.

Starting abilities

  • Druid: Choose 1 animal form. Make WIS checks to transform into that animal.
  • Traveler: You’re a wanderer between worlds. You can make a HARD attempt at creating a portal to a random dimension.
  • Warlock: 1/session: Roll a WIS check to do an audience with your otherworldly patron.

Starting Loot

  • Gemstone crown: You gain 3 WIS spells. You can conjure a gemstone guardian once per day for 1d4 hours.
  • Bearmantle: You gain 1 WIS spell and can transform into a bear at will.
  • Bone knife: Each time you kill an enemy, this knife collects their soul. It can collect up to 5 souls. You can use a soul to power your attacks and use MAGIC instead of WEAPON effort.

Milestone abilities

  • Lord of the spirits: On a WIS roll you gather an army of 1d10 1HP nature spirits to come to your aid.
  • Fury: Once/fight you can wake your inner beast and attack 3 enemies during 1 action.
  • The Brotherhood: Call upon the winds and the birds to gather the other priests of your order.


  • Druid: EASY WIS rolls to shapeshift into any animal
  • Traveler: You’ve learned every language of the Multiverse. EASY CHA checks when talking with beings from other dimensions.
  • Warlock: You gain a book which holds INFERNAL SPELLS. Each session you learn a new spell.


This is really cool. What is the history behind this? Are these paths from an ICRPG game you GM, or something?


Thank you! I came up with these while preparing for my first campaign. I thought it’d be fun to have some additional character options for my players beside those in the book.


JUST what I have been looking for…a BARD…YES thank you so much.


Thank you! I’m happy that it can be of some use to you. If you play it, please let me know how it went!


if your also looking for new playable types i have a playtest doc i put out for the community for a setting im working feel free to give it a look.

sorry if it felt like i was trying to hijack your post

im happy you liked it, its had nearly a month of hard work put into it so far and im hoping it turns out half as well as i hope


it looks good for a first draft but some of them have to many starting abilities but other then that they look good. the vision you had comes across


Thank you! I’m aware that some of them have too many starter abilties. It’s still a work in progress so I’m currently working on starter abilities for the other Types :slight_smile:


No problem! I like your playtest document! The Types feel very unique to your setting/vision and I really like your poisons!


I find damage is to plain while status effects keep things interesting I’m happy you like the playtest doc. I’m hoping to add much more to it before refining it to the book I intend to make