Some cyberpunk references



Hey all, I was listening to this track today and realized he referenced some of the cyberpunk sources (Neuromancer, ghost in the shell) that we’ve been talking about it.

I like to have little Easter egg tracks in my games, so maybe I’ll use this as background music in a bar or something.

I find that sometimes music can serve as great inspiration for adventures as well, a la Viking Death Squad and War Pigs, so just thought I would share.


Love Deltron! I laughed out loud when it was referenced in the Netflix show “Daybreak” as one kid’s contribution to a shared playlist.

Madvillain has a similar vibe, if you haven’t checked that out yet.

I haven’t yet added music to any of my game sessions. I feel like I have so many plates spinning at one time already that juggling music would just make things even harder for me!


I haven’t I may have to check out Madvillain.

Music in games is certainly a tricky thing, I tend to avoid tracks that aren’t just ambiance because it can be a little distracting otherwise.

But sometimes it can be a really fun addition. One of my players is a musician in real life, and his character is a bard modeled on Daddy G of Massive Attack. When he changes the tide of a battle it’s great to get some massive attack going to help everyone visualize.

For one adventure they rolled up to a town to find out that Thievery Corporation (one of our favorite groups) was playing at a music festival. I had a playlist ready for that as the whole festival was transported to the feywild as a result of the intense groove and shared psychedelic vibrations.


This takes me back! So good!


I’ll see your Deltron 3030 and raise you a Billy Idol “Cyberpunk”


Deltron 3030 is a fantastic musician! This brings me back to high school. His older stuff is under del the funky homosapien if you enjoy his work. He also did the voice for “russel” in the first gorillaz album. Really, an amazing artist!


Thanks WunderLich.

Yea same, brings my right back to high school.

I think I discovered Del in Tony Hawk’s pro skater, so definitely a blast from the past. I had actually never listened to Deltron 3000 until Spotify recommended this track to me the other day.

Love me some Gorillaz as well


Deltron 3030 is such a fantastic cyberpunk trip. i found this online years back and it really feels like he’s telling a story. Ice cube’s cousin does some amazing work.


DJ Spooky released a bit of stuff that could maybe be a bit of cyber-ambient. Deltron 3030 is magnificent.