Some cyberpunk for ICrpg?



Heh, perfect timing. Ride the Cyberpunk 2077 wave. That game will be MEGA and the setting will be on a lot of people’s mind.


Yep, that is really cool. I’ve been disappointed with the cyberpunk red’s jumpstart kit rules so I’m more hyped by a Cyberpunk ICrpg.
I’m hoping that the magic in ICrpg will be optional but I know that Shadowrun is quiet appreciated.


It’s your game, so whether you include magic is up to you! I personally always struggle with the tech+magic combo. I generally want one or the other, because D&D+Lasers muddles things up for me and makes it hard (for me!) to make a plausibly internally consistent game world.

I’ve heard horror stories of Shadowrun games where one or more deckers jacked in and had massive combat sequences against IC, while the other characters all just sat around and waited. This resulted in at least one gaming group banning deckers outright. Obviously the GM has some culpability for that poor gaming experience, but any narrative or mechanic element that intentionally splits the party in the way that Shadowrun decking did seems ill-advised.


It all depends on the edition of SR. Deckers are more interactive in 5th edition. Typically I ran SR with an NPC ally decker. In 5th I ran with 2 deckers as players.

I’d be interested in a none magical cyberpunk, magic and alternative races can be added at will.


We need some straight Cyberpunk rules and equipment and then magic can be added easily.


Totally agree with you.


I have personally lived this horror story in an Eclipse Phase game, fiddling with my dice for two hours while a player went on a deep dive with the DM. It really depends on the DM, though the rules can have a hand in steering the game in that direction. I can assure you that if there is an official ICRPG cyberpunk setting, this nightmare scenario will NOT be part of the design.


There is cyberpunk dnd 5e that is called Carbon 2185, anybody knows if it is good?


I personally think this game world is PERFECT for pairing with roll20 and a community of active gamers. I liked the idea of the Ashen Company because it gave you a roaming ‘ranger’ who could go on one-shots helping out the realm. Any GM interested could create a mission and anyone who wanted to jump in with their existing ranger could do so.

I don’t think I’m liking roll20 as a campaign option and feel it is way better for one-shots. But I also don’t think you should have to lose your character progression from one adventure to the next. To me, one-shots with character progression is the sweet spot.

In cyberpunk GMs can develop one-shots and players can hop in with their runner as long as they are still alive from their last game :slight_smile: Assuming you keep the concepts of ‘runners’ and ‘missions.’ Then players can do a run together, go their different paths and play with other GMs or take a break to be a GM, and then rub shoulders again in another adventure and do in-game “What you been up to?”


I like it! You could even create like a Port World/City that can be influenced by others.


Agreed. As much as I like the idea of a lengthy campaign it is always hard to make happen at any table top, virtual or otherwise. So I always encourage players in my one shots to retain any loot for future games their character may attend. Also, I for one am fine with players who bring characters they’ve played in other people’s ICRPG games to use any acquired loot. I know this is what I want as a player, otherwise we end up maybe getting loot with out always getting a chance to use it.


Cyberpunk is cool as heck can’t wait.


I totally agree. It really depends on the DM… Cyberpunk is tricky keeping the flavor if you are not familiar with the genre. Let’s hope @Runehammer adds those GM tools he is famous for!