So I just played a solo dungeon crawl


Hope you all are doing well. I just got done with a game and thought I’d share what happened.
So I decided to do something a bit different.I decided to play a solo game and run some characters through a dungeon just to roll some dice.

I used d100 dungeon to generate the next room/ area as I went through the dungeon with 3 characters. I wanted it to be difficult so I rolled icrpg stats (3d6 down the line and used the bonus only obviously), I even did this for my effort.

My characters were a wizard, archer and commander, every one of them had horrendous stats, just what I wanted. I used 5e hardcores CR conversion for encounters that I generated using after every room or so of travel and icrpg rules for combat.

Done about 7 or 8 rooms. Archer almost lost an arm in a trap. Wizard almost eaten by giant spider. Commander nearly squashed by a bugbear. Then all 3 were slain by 3 giant bats after only retrieving 1 of the 3 items required to complete quest. I will be making a new group of losers tomorrow and trying again. Good fun.

Side note. Maze rats magic spell random generator is awesome.


Sounds fun!

Agree on Maze Rats spell rules. Those tables also make a neat Brainstorming tool for coming up with new and interesting NPC motivations, monster attacks, trap, potion, or boon effects…

I really need to smash the Maze Rats style and Ars Magica’s effect categories together someday and see what squishes out.


Rather than take magic missile I decided to roll on maze rats magic and got what I interpreted as an electrical dome that hurts if somebody tries to pass through. Makes me want to play a mage more.


Exactly! Magic from a JCPenney catalog has rarely excited me. But when there’s some in-the-moment creativity involved, and magic is a fickle, unpredictable thing, that’s where the Maze Rats model really shines.


Random tables are the best. Just a little spark can create great things!