Slime Dungeon Project



Ahoy there Shield Wall! I’ve been super busy with a project for the last few days and thought I’d share it with you, since we’re all of the nerdy DIY mindset here. This is part of a monthly dungeon design I’m starting up. It’s a hand drawn modular collection of images I’ve created for use with Tiled Map Editor. These are some clunky demo room screenshots, but I hope they illustrate the versatility of this collection. There are many images that aren’t pictured, but I threw these rooms together in a handful of minutes, so don’t be too critical of layouts. Inside the collection are interactables like switches, buttons, levers, cranes, slime vats, and all kinds of stuff to push, pulls, and slip around on. Hope you enjoy! (These are all just screen shots, some in-editor)



Those are absolutely amazing! Take a hero coin. :herocoin:


Dope. Dope. Dope. Dope. Dope.

I cannot even tell you how amazingly cool those are.

I agree. Here’s a hero coin. :herocoin:


Amazing! Where can I found more lol


Awesome! These look so 80s retro arcade I wanna eBay an Atari 2600!



Wow, thanks a bunch all, I really appreciate it. I’ll be adding a total of 6 monster tokens with this theme (5 regulars and a boss), along with 3 pieces of themed LOOT as well. I’ll be making this available for download as soon as I make a tutorial for building with it. This month, the theme is the Slime Fungeon, and in the future I’ll be making more goofy stuff like Candy Fungeon, elemental-aligned Fungeons, and a Wasteland one for September to commemorate the Borderlands 3 release. I’ve got no idea what I’m doing, just some hopes and dreams, haha. If you’re interested in progress, I’ve just started a page on Facebook called Daydreams & Tinkering.
My gaming group encouraged me to start sharing the stuff I’m working on, so in a way they’re responsible for this. If it sucks, blame them. :wink:


A very interesting concept, very noice! :herocoin:


I’d be super interested in seeing your wasteland/borderlands assets.


I’m excited to put it together too. That one is going to be especially large with buildings, interiors, vehicles, and I’m aiming for a modular racetrack too. I’m always down for suggestions of things to consider adding to the mix. :slight_smile: