Slap that Fantasy Map with some Sci-Fi



It was pointed out today, by @Alex in the Discord server, that a really quick way to put together a sci-fi map for VTT is to take a Fantasy Map and thrown down some sci-fi elements.

So I put it to the test. I grabbed the first map on 2 Minute Tabletop that drew my eye, dropped it into Affinity Photo, and slapped on some Altered State elements. Boom. 5 minutes and I had this polluted pool and here was a fun space for players to run amok.

It was really eye-opening to see how quickly I could throw a map together when I know that I can spend hours fiddling and doodling over maps before a game.

Anyway, I would challenge anyone and everyone to try it out. Limit yourself to five minutes and see what you can slap together. Just have fun with it :smile:


Challenge accepted!

I took more than 5 minutes exploring what I had. But I Guess it could be done on that time frame.

Sources: 2MTT Frozen Forge + AlteredStateMapKit assets


Oooh that’s nice! I’m imagining someone crashing through the glass, players tightroping out to the platform and some energy ball crackling, while the readouts declare that something approaches from the other side. Oh and someone trying to make an escape or jump into the portal with the snowmobile. Such a killer map!