Sky Gardens Dungeon Pack!


Hello, Shield Wall!
I’ve got a new dungeon pack up on my website for some high-level/power play. Floating islands amidst the clouds has always been something I wanted to adventure in, so I thought I’d give some fun assets for anyone else who wanted to give that to their players. Here are a couple screenshots from Roll20, and if you like it check out, this dungeon and more are available to purchase. :slight_smile:


Thats really fun. Looking forward to what come next, though low level adventures are much more common.

I like where this is going. And the site is nice, thanks for the link!


Maybe i’m just cheap, but I was disappointed that you didn’t mention here that you should follow the link if you want to purchase the pack. I mean just make it clear you are trying to sell me something when you post about it.


I have mixed feelings on this. I get your point, but he mentioned that these are screenshots, and if you like them go to the link.

It doesn’t say it costs anything or that it is free. Also why is it assumed art is free? I’m not trying to pile on you for this @Abodi. I really have mixed feelings on this. But I lean on artists need support, specially early on.

@Chaologic has provided for the community . Here is an example should everything be free?

I celebrate everyone who contributes to this game, or anything they feel passionate about. If it is something I like, I try to buy something that I can.

If they are the people I expect them to be, if someone PMs them saying they really like their stuff but can’t afford it, or would like to deal a bit, I think they can accommodate an honest request or deal.

Please give people the benefit of the doubt I know I don’t compliment people as much as I should. But I hope they understand my acknowledgement. And that I feel my critical analysis is more valuable than my sweet flowery verbiage.

With artists it is difficult cause they are putting their skill and creativity out there for all to see and it takes a while to gain confidence in it. For some, compliments mean everything, but for most trying to make a living at it, money carries more weight.

Just know that at times, it’s 80 plus hours of max effort that has been put out there. And we are a small audience. If he was well known, and well compensated for his efforts, shilling on this site, might be stretched.

Again @Abodi sorry you caught my need to get this message across. Your view is common. I’m one of those weird people who pay for what I can. And support things I do use. Even if they are free.

If I can’t afford it, I look for official trials rather than free alternative methods. If still no option, and I still feel I need it…well then I look for alternative options, usually asking for it has gotten me what I was looking for.


All good Paxx, I’m not offended.

I don’t expect stuff to be free, I just think if you are going to come into a community to try and sell something, you should make it obvious it’s a product for sale.

I think what he has looks like a decent product, likely even worth the asking cost. So it’s not in any way the product or price I’m commenting on.


Thank you for that feedback, I will definitely be thinking of that in the future. :slight_smile:


No worries, you make good work. Have a great day!


As for the post, I am thankful for your creativity and absolutely want to know if you have things to sell or want us to see. I am here to support who I choose, discover new art, stories, methods, to hear about others experiences, and provide support with “likes” and comments. :+1:


Also wanted to say, I like your website. Clean and easy to navigate, your logo looks great too!:fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3:


Great art pack, great website!


This is a really great set of map assets! I ended up getting the other three packs as well. I’d like to see your take on a library themed set. Stay creative!


Thank you so much for the support, and I’d love to see any maps you piece together and kit bash! :smiley:
Library theme: I’ve made a note!