Single page room design



Hey everyone! Life has been a bit crazy. I came up for air and got inspired. I still see this forum as one of the BEST places to go both for inspiration and to get fresh ideas. I wanted to do a one-shot for one of my kids and her friends. I stumbled across Esper the Bard’s video on Barrow of the Moor. I then decided to create more of an ICRPG vibe using his map as inspiration.

But FIRST, I took two index cards (one of the large ones and one of the small ones) and used the idea from a post on here to make them into my distance markers:

This is the OG picture from Esper’s video that got my juices flowing:

This is the video:

And this is my ‘one page room’ which is more how I see using a proper map for a defined scene in the dungeon.

I thought it would be cool to throw the art on the side with an arrow pointing roughly where it is to give a player aide visual while also being an easily transportable piece of large paper that is an all-in-one map.

I am curious to see what some others on here could do. Mission (if you choose to accept it) – > go to a grocery store and buy a .59 piece of flimsy poster board (assuming the have it – I have found this in all the main name grocery stores I go to). Flip it over to the non-gloss side. Make a single room. Incorporate into said room Index Card art of your own (or existing ICRPG cards if you want).

Don’t use anything digital except for drawing references (picture searches).

I am already thinking of a different way to include the side art for future rooms. This one is the entrance to the dwarven crypt and is filled with slime residue from the carrion crawlers now inhabiting the space. TN 13, slime dripping from the ceiling, DEX or WIS to avoid – fail and lose all bonuses until you leave to the next room (makes your brain foggy). Fail again and drop a STAT by one for the rest of the day. 3rd time and the loss is permanent. Players who come up with ways to avoid the drips (I raise my shield) are exempt from making rolls. I haven’t fully fleshed this out yet. I want the statue to play in somehow.

Have a go at it. It was super fun to draw and I kept thinking, “I can’t draw this” but I pushed through and drew it. Then inked it. Then made the lines a bit thicker per B’s great advice. Then colored it. Then sat back and went ‘Dang – I like it!’

Looking forward to see other ideas :slight_smile:


This is really cool man and definitely inspiring! That room looks awesome and the idea of illustrating a zoomed view of details outside of the map is brilliant! Well done, it looks like this would be a lot of fun to play through!

I have kept my eyes on that one page illustrated dungeon adventure for a while now, I just love that old school sketchy pen and ink style!

I will think one what I can do here, though I can make no solid promise that I will actually follow through…I’m so easily creatively distracted!


That is kinda my deal too which is why I also forced myself to sit and do it. I’m thinking the side art could be cool worked in as more of a comic panel overlapping the actual room art but not sure yet. I did bring the pens but a lot of the creative aspects came from Esper’s work :slight_smile: – I’m trying to ultimately come up with a travel friendly map kit. I crafted some trees a few weeks ago for a Rangers of Shadow Deep scenario and while they were cool, I was like ‘How the heck will I travel with them?’ Terrain is a nice hobby but man is it a lot to deal with.


Inspiring work. I really like all of it. :slight_smile:


Missing “Wherever You Are” in the measurements :rofl:

Looks awesome!


Now is my chance to inspire you :wink: Your 3D terrain doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Here’s one XPS foam house I built with magnets so it will flat-pack in a box not much thicker than a Master Edition hardcover. :+1: The roof and windows are modular for versatility, it has a playable interior and it can combine with other magnetized terrain to make larger structures. :sunglasses:


That’s cool! How do you connect the walls? My progression was close to this. First I built this:

It was fun and not hard but then I realized it takes up a lot of storage space and for Rangers of Shadow Deep I needed four more! That game uses a lot of scenery but since I like RPGs I figured I could cross-use them later. But ultimately landed on ‘Why?’

So I switched to photoshop (allows for easy double-sided projects) and started messing with paper. The first building was smaller scale and allowed me to print a single strip, fold it to itself, and have a simple collapsible building but it was too small:

Then I upped the size which gives me a single wall per print due to the folding double-sided design. I looked at 2-minute-table-top art for inspiration and color scheme (his colors are rad). I made a slotted grove using card stock and attached permanently to the front and back walls allowing me to break it down easy (while it works I’m not happy with it as my attachment option). I also added a little 3d element pop on the door:

Also cool but still just walls that don’t really matter all that much in the grand scheme of things.

So then I did the UTD version of a tavern using DMScotty’s bar furniture tips and integrated my own idea for stand-up exterior walls.

It has been kind of a creative vomit for me; making stuff but not really needing the stuff. My end game is an easy travel kit with stuff I make because I like the crafting part of the hobby. My local game store is starting to pick up traction for live play and is open to the idea of ICRPG sessions. It means I would be traveling rather than having players over.

And that is how I landed on the paper. I already love the ease of B’s index cards. The paper is way cheap. I have the paint markers (most expensive part but love them).

As much as I like my tavern build it is a lot of little pieces of 3d wood that takes up space and time at a table. It spins and people will go ‘oh wow’ but a tavern scene can just as easily be a drawn picture with theatre of the mind with way less effort on my part and way less to carry.

So yeah – that’s how I got to where I am right now.


All of those projects are absolutely fantastic. You have explored many paths. I have little more to add, except “Bravo.”

I used embedded 6mm dia. x 3mm neodymium magnets.


I considered magnets at one point and watched a vid on it but the board work for walls still felt too thick. I think if I do paper card stock walls (folded for two sides plus added material strength) I will have to come up with some kind of a slotted corner piece that they can easily slide in and out of but I still am leaning more toward a .59 piece of paper with a tavern drawing and a panel breakout showing the tables, bar, stage, etc. and letting players just put their player piece on said item to show where they are in the space.