Simplified Maps!


For the purpose of making simplified maps using less printer ink and for use on tabletop I’ve taken to drawing out maps on Paint on the PC. I redrew all of the Red Sword maps for use in my session this afternoon. If you want the maps I’ll post the files to the site if there is interest.

The science bay:


Interest!!! :raised_hand:



Interest :raised_hand::grinning:


I will work on getting them uploaded tonight or tomorrow.


yes please…






Sharpie Battle Maps



I don’t have the med-bay because I don’t have the file that came with the ICRPG digital edition for some reason. I drew it out by hand for my session tonight but if you guys want it I’ll try to create something. These were all done in Paint and hopefully they work for your game.


For some reason, the med bay file was missing its file extension. If you go to the folder containing the other maps, you’ll probably see it as a file but not as an image. Just rename the file with a .jpg extension, and you’ll be good to go for the original.


That worked like a charm, thanks! I’ll work on a simplified version of that asap.


Nice! Glad I could help.


thank you for the pictures. i hope to use them in the future.


Here it is, the med bay!