Simple but beautiful moment!


40 years old and my first set of dice that I’ve ever bought came in the mail today. Looking forward to the adventures they will bring. image


Now you gotta “practice” rolling them because… Dice!


Better late than never!

Welcome to the addiction!


I have the same set!

My most recent set is the 15 piece, 20% larger dice by Role 4 Initiative.

I got the translucent black and I’m loving it!


Starting off strong!
When I got my first pair of metal dice, I quickly realized I needed a special rolling surface for them. They tend to be loud and destructive! My final design was a wooden tray lined with vinyl leather. Real leather works too, but is way more expensive.
Happy rolling, sir!


You can use felt instead of leather. Not as nice of course, but way affordable and practical.


Welcome to the dice addiction! Great set, man. I have the same ones. :blush::raised_hands: