Silly Adventure



I also like 3 the best of those suggestions.

It’s distinct, can be abbreviated easily in discussion, and at least for me makes my brain fire as to what the title means.


They are suggestions to reject. One might resonate in the case of BDD. But it’s a getting the juices flowing thing not a find the answer thing.

Hopefully it triggers something meaningful to the setting the author wants. Like Jane’s Dapper Duck Emporium.


People will KILL for an Adventure Time-esque setting. AT was silly, but also really dark. You seem to have avoided that and I don’t mind a bit. Andy Hopp’s Low Life is the best “silly” setting I’ve seen to date, and it has a big following. go with it, man!


Thanks, haha. There are some good/ inspirational ones in there. I do agree with @Fuzzymagoo and @Abodi, 3 Is really good.

Do you mean you wold prefer not having a dark side? I was actually pretty sure I wanted to include some dark elements similar to Adventure Time.


@Looten I was feeling loved, but then realised it was probably a buttdial. Typical Tuesday :slight_smile:


I was going to follow your questions as you asked everything I wanted to know as well but I saw that someone already answered you. That said, happy Tuesday.


For me, dark is fine… but the opposite of gritty and Uber cool!!! Silly and fun, but it can be deep and dark at times. Whinny the Pooh is an excellent example of tone, but with more action!!!


Awesome setting idea! I have used an adventure time esque adventure once before as a 5e hack, but this looks a lot more creative and fun! I encourage advancing the idea.


Dude…12 days in a row of seeing this, and it brings a smile to my face each time!!!


Haha, that’s so exciting. I’m working on putting together a working document, but I need to flesh it out a little more before it’s ready to share.


Right! Me too. Always hoping to see more.


I’m in love with this setting, along with the art! The stickers are cool! I love the whole enhancing stuff with stickers concept!!

Are you thinking that the world focuses on the crab city (Hermit City?), or also adventuring on other areas? Would you like to run it with one shots, longer campaigns or both?

It would be cool if, since the crab walks around, you would wake up and be somewhere completely different. Or it to get nabbed by a giant bird… Or suddenly stop moving, having the villagers go talk with the crab to see what’s up. Or they could meet a different walking village, proving to be a point of trade, exchanging wares unique to each city.

I guess some of these depend on how normal giant, walking cities are… But if you’re going Adventure Time esque that tells me that there may be even odder wonders to be found.

There’s a lot of cool potential fun with this setting! Definitely would love to see a PDF on it as you find the direction to take it, getting some inspiration and ideas of my own. I need to see more of this art, and the core mechanics of this world.

I’ve also started making a lighthearted setting, but with animal warriors- kind of Animal Crossing meets high fantasy. Your setting is hitting some awesome sweet spots for me. Silly is such a great path to having fun!


@Cherique I’m glad you like the idea, haha. Like I said before, I’m hoping to show a little more of my idea once I get it to a better place. I’m working on a google doc to share, but it’s slow going.

I’m looking at The Crawling City, that’s what I’m currently calling it right now, as being just one part of the world. The idea I’m working on is a larger living world that would be well suited for sandbox campaigns. Of course one shots would work well in these settings too.


I love all of this so much. If you’d like to collaborate on anything for mechanics & such, I’d be down to clown.

I find myself hacking ICRPG and tuning it to my preference all the time with different ideas, and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. Consider Savage Worlds being a generic system that has robust settings and additions to it; you can build on what’s come before and really make it your own! That’s my goal one day too. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think I have some bare bones that are almost ready to share.

I agree, I’m just not sure at what point you have hacked something so much it has become its own thing.


What do you all think? Too silly? Not silly enough? Worth exploring more?

omg. Want more. Yes please.

I don’t see why it needs to be a new system though. The way you talk at the end this sounds like it could just be a nice layer on top of ICRPG core.


Ok, here is my EXTREMELY rough idea somewhat laid out. I may or may not leave this up, we will see how it goes. Normally I don’t share things this early in the process like this, but I wanted to give it a try. Let me know what you all think!


I’m in love! If you plan on making a Kickstarter I think it would be awesome to actually print some stickers GM’s could give to players. They can put them right on their sheet or a clipboard.


Word from the girl friend (over 11 years, very important to me) she loves the art and sticker idea!!! This is something I can use as a gateway!!!


Dude, totally. Having such a tangible and meaningful connection to your character and mechanics would be an incredible way to increase involvement (especially with kids, but also with a broad demographic of adults)!