Hallo Folks,

I’ve been at it again, this time with a set of Myconids for a little flavor. It’s always a good to time to add some psychedelics to an encounter for the fun of it. Myconds are one of my secret favorite creatures and I have had a good time putting these together.

I have currently finished the pen and ink portion for a group of Bullywugs, so you can expect a set of those out soon. I also have some Road Punks in the works as well as a second group of goblin tokens. Keeping busy under lockdown!



Purchased!!! my players should be afraid…Very Afraid!


Ah, thanks! I’m happy to hear that your players may not have such a pleasant trip!


Good job. Those look great!


Those are some diabolical, spongy bois. Looking good! :smiley:


I really love this series of tokens, it is lighting a fire under my butt to get some of my own things published!


I glad a little fungus is an inspiration to you! I really want to see you publish your own stuff because it is really great. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated all the awesome art you had in your last game!

@Geoffrey_Nelson, @Chaologic Thanks!


I had the team in GhostHeim encounter 6 of these in large versions.

They did not stand up well to a few clutch throws of Dynamite…but they where fine against bullets!


Hahaha! Nice! I’m happy that you were able to put them into your game, that’s awesome!


The skeletons where going to make a major appearance, but 2 games left…need to wrap up the story. And it’s moved on from undead…now the clowns??? :smile:


Always YES for clowns!