Short notice game tonight 8PM GMT


Hi, short notice but I have a couple of spaces available for a game of Alfheim tonight at 8 PM GMT.

It is a continuation of my Eyes of Sett session but can be joined as just a oneshott.

We will be using Roll20. If you are available let me know here or by PM and I will send you the invites and assign a character sheet.

In essence, you are on the trail of Zotos who fled into the desert after betraying the heroes and villagers of Sett in the last session. The game will begin with you finally closing in on him. Perhaps you are a villager joining the group to seek revenge or perhaps you have your own reasons to be in the desert and looking for blood?


Wow, that was quick. I’m now full so sorry if you have missed out. I will post a stream link later.


i would love to play. but i am really not set up for online gaming. i dont know how to set up roll20 , i dont have a cam or mic. lol. i am new to this style of gaming.

any help would be welcome


Replied to your other thread to say I’m happy to give a little demo if you like. I’m no expert though.


I bought a cam and mic last night :smiley:. Trying to figure out roll20 so i can game online with anyone. Lol​:sweat_smile: