Sharpie Battle Maps


Wanted some more analog in my VTT. So I drew a map, then scanned it in. Plan to come back and add more via edits.



Nice. Keen to see more when you get around to them.


Well, I now that players have seen them, here are some more. These are my wilderness set. 1) Frontier destroyed cabin 2) Frozen river 3) Tunnels


Thank you for sharing these! Great work. I swear I need to sign up for a drawing class or something. I love how the Sharpie style leaves so much open space, inviting players to lean a bit harder into the creativity that comes with Theater of the Mind!


I love the “Sharpie” style maps (other marker pens are available). It’s one of the things that got me into ICRPG. I’ve been using a simple drawing app on my phone to do a similar style but I may go back to good old fashioned Sharpies. I feel inspired :+1:

This is my Frigid Tomb map :blush:


Has anyone done The Last Flight Of The Red Sword in this style? I’m about to start a Warp Shell campaign for some new players and it would be awesome to use this style of map.


A little digging on the forums led me to this post, which are vastly simplified Red Sword maps. Simplified Maps!


After using these maps I got inspired to make my own. I’m sharing them here in case they prove useful.

Cultist ritual

Castle entrance


The use of red and gray in these maps is awesome! Definitely going to be playing around with that :smiley:


More sharpie battle maps added (and will continue to be added) to their new home on my shared google drive: