Setting Abilities



So I’m thinking about a few campaign settings. With each setting there are several abilities that I’d like the players to have access to. But I don’t want to force them to take LOOT or FEATS in order to use them. Are there any precedents with creating abilities that are available to all players, regardless of LOOT?

For example, in a Naruto setting, ninja should all have access to substitution, clones, etc.


Both Vigilante City and Altered State use abilities that are not loot dependent.


Or you could set your own precedent. You don’t need rules permission.


There is not. Give us one, please.

Actually, I say “there is not” because no setting I’ve seen so far has something like that clearly specified. But one can argue that it happens in ICRPG as needed. For example (from the Core Book), in the “Speed Kills” adventure it is assumed all characters can drive the supercars; and in “Planet Killer” adventures it is assumed they all can pilot the mecha suits and space fighters.

If you think all characters should have access to specific abilities, just hand them out to the Players. It’s setting-specific and it’s a great way to make the setting unique. That actually sounds like a great idea!


Thanks for the replies y’all! I had assumed that I could hack it how I wanted and just hand them out. But I wanted to see if there were any previous rules out there. Y’know, no reason to reinvent the wheel and all that.

That being said, I’ll see if I can come up with a more… systemized way of doing it. And see about posting it here for y’all to check out too.


Ghost Mountain too, right? All the stuff related to firearms there is pretty much… abilities for everyone


Yes, Ghost Mountain, the tags in Blood and Snow, and the character classes in Xenomorph Dead Zone!!!

There’s tons of precedent for abilities, including my own group’s use of abilities over tons of sessions in various games. At some point, you realize having permanent abilities (instead of loot that can be taken away) won’t break the game at all.