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I came across an article I had copied and printed long ago and it was sitting in my binder full of tips and advice which I have to admit… is a shit ton of paper at this point. I figured this article was worth generating a Session Prep Template for my own use and then I realized once done… maybe you guys could use it too? Anyways, be it known that the information is not my own and I do not know from whom I copied the article. I only put the information onto the sheets and created the layout. The author’s idea was to create a way to do a session prep in about 90 minutes time. They, like me are obsessive about making pages upon pages of far too many details and can literally spend days doing session prep. I don’t hate it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s like a hobby really so it’s fun. But, there are times when there is a time crunch or sometimes…you just don’t want to do session prep of a vast magnitude. It happens. So, here is the 90 minute session prep template.

Hope these help you in your session prep.

I am very new to using Google Doc’s so let me know if you cannot view/download.
Link is here


I sent an access request! :smiley:


I think I found out how to make it available to all. If I failed, someone let me know.


I saw it! Thanks a lot!


Thanks for letting me know. Cheers


Love your thinking here @ScottyRoberts!

I’ve been hacking on something similar but A6 for index card size printing. I’ve used the episode design template concept from here as a great set of prompts:


Very nice. I like the design. Not enough room per line for what I would write. I tend to put a bit more information that one line would allow but of course, not everyone is me so this card of yours may well be perfect for others. Would you be up for generating an 8.5 x 11 version with more space between lines? It just looks too pretty not to want to use. :slight_smile:


Something like this @ScottyRoberts ?

Do you prefer with/without prompts?


Thats fantastic. I’m watching the video now btw and taking notes. Works fine this format. For those who don’t watch the video… here is another idea… like on my version, I generated examples and notes on one of each (of the two) page. Maybe do the same? Have a blank and a example page made. Just a thought. Thanks for this large template though. I will put it to trial. Cheers!

Edit: I see you asked about the prompts at the bottom. lol


No worries, here you go, your NPC list, a blank lined one, and a third with a combo of your other prompts from your template. Nice work, certainly made me think of things that’d be useful on my episode cards…


Thanks a lot Hawkz. Great work and truly appreciated. Hope others here benefit from this.

Cheers mate