Seriously blown away by how cool these maps are


Unreal moving 3d maps. Bridges, trees, Rivers and bats… And acid belching statues.



Steam has it on sale 4 times a year for 10 bucks, I recommend buying the 4 pack for 40 bucks and getting your friends to do the same, then just give them to people you want to play with.

10 bucks… No extra charges, unlimited storage


my imagination is cooler :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but can we simulate it in a 3d environment and access it from my basement. Wait I prolly don’t want to know what else is going on in there lol


hahah yep. I guess, for me, TTRPG’s are a refreshing break from CG.
I like your ‘paper’ style TTS maps tho


Question @Murder_Hobo_Show, is there a fog of war capability? Cause that is amazing and I know what my Christmas gift to myself will be this year


Yes there is, it’s not the best…I don’t really use it, but there’s work arounds… You can see it in action on my YouTube channel… I made a video about it :grin: