Seeking advice on a campaign



I’m running an improv campaign that will incorporate several settings in ICRPG. The overall theme is that our merry band of adventurers (a skeleton gamer, a timid spawn of Chthulu who doesn’t yet know their ancestry, a wild-magic charlatan sorcerer, and a warforged) have been hand-picked by some powerful entity to stop Azathoth (who has awakened and has begun devouring galaxies). Yes, they will be using the White Elk Warp Shell. Over time I expect dips in Altered State, Alfheim, and Blood & Snow.

Anyone who has used Ghost Mountain as a setting has probably run into Ol’ Jeb. He is one of those mysterious hooks that Hankerin dropped in the Worlds supplement. My take on Ol’ Jeb is that he is a version of Tom Bombadil.

The party has just been summoned from their different lives and passed through the Munson Mines to collect a Yog crystal. This Yog crystal will power up the White Elk (they have heard the name in dreams but have no idea what it is). This will be the vehicle to take them through the other settings.

If anyone has any thoughts as to how to effectively manage such a far-stretching campaign (assuming we can keep finding the time to meet online), I would greatly appreciate it. I’m looking for things that were successful as well as pitfalls to watch out for.


Maybe break each dip into settings as their own arcs so prep is easier for you