Seattle,WA Lumpyheads



I’m curious if there are any fellow lumpyheads in the Seattle, WA area looking to create a group or needing players/GMs. We’re moving out that way this week and I’d like to find some real life gaming action in ICRPG.


Redmond by way of Poulsbo.



I am on the Kitsap Peninsula directly across Puget Sound from Seattle.

I don’t get over to the city as often as I did before the pandemic, but I look forward to meeting members of the Shield Wall IRL eventually here in the PNW.

WARNING: I play ICRPG “wrong”… :sunglasses:


Into which hamlet are you defending?


We are soon to hail from the hamlet of Burien.


Haha considering the nature of ICRPG, you might be doing it “right” :wink: