Searching Xenomorphs


Hey Guys,

Anyone knows a good place to get some Xenos to my real Table? Did some research but didn’t find anything other than some real cool Lego Fake Xenos. If there aren’t some good Miniatures i maybe change Style to Lego Fakes coz theres a lot of cool stuff around.
But i would prefer other minis. Got some Marines from my Doom Game, so all i need are some cruel, badass Aliens :wink:



  1. There was an AVP wargame out a few years ago that had officially licenced alien minis. If you get the base game then you get marines, aliens and some predators. And alien booster packs were also available which contained 5 alien minis.
  2. Paper minis. If you don’t like the ones in XDZ then you can easily make your own on a black background.
  3. Next up, how about changing the theme to spiders or ants?


Prodoss Games has Aliens miniatures for sale.

You can also hit up Khurasan miniatures. I know they have them in 15mm, but I think you can also find them in 28mm on that site as well.

Both places are slow, though. So, if you need some in a hurry, you may be better off going with paper minis.


Hm, maybe i search the Net for some alternate Alien designs to get. Good Idea to make it a “Bug Hunt”.

Good thing is i am not in a hurry, so i have time to plan out. First Round will be Online VTT so, no time pressure for now. I just wanted to have a cool Edition for my Collection


Starship Troopers :slight_smile:


A while ago I found these toy miniatures on eBay. 35 pieces per pack. They are obviously low quality models but it works for me. I only bought one pack which is not quite enough for a full XDZ game, I place poker chips under them to indicate larger numbers of Xenos. They can still be found on eBay, but they appear to be more expensive now.


These models are cool! I keep em with my megaconstrux


My scale for things are armymen/megaconstrux and mega had a real cool spell of xenomorphs. For my xeno faction I made a bunch of Runners out of glossy black bread ties


Aren‘t Warhammer 40k Tyranids biscally Xenomorph clones? Expensive though…


I ended up buying a bunch of Xenos from the Galeforce nine Aliens Game. Also i bought an Queen there


the one in the front is from galeforce nine, the Queen behind also and i got those other models left and right from the alien vs Predator the hunt begins boardgame



Titan forge’s patreon had some cleverly named " Gigeroids" in their September release last year. There weren’t a ton of different sculpts, but they were there. I would include a very helpful link to the files for a set of three they have for sale on Myminifactory, but apparently I cannot (What’s up with that?). Search Gigeroid Cyber Forge. It should come up.

If you don’t have a printer, I’m not sure what your options are, but there has to be a way you can get them printed. I don’t use myminifactory other than a repository for files Patreon creators send me, so I am sorry I can’t be of much help in that regard.

I do know that some old 40k Genestealers make good xenos. I bought 6 or 8 poorly painted ones from Ebay just for sci-fi game xeno stand ins. You might try that. Way better than paying full price for new.