Saturday’s are for Craftin’



I put the finishing touches on these bad boys today! Now I can run the Dwarven glacier dwelling Vikings for my homebrew world and jack up that player buy in on arctic adventures. I hope all you lumpy heads are rolling crits on your craft projects. Strength, Honor, and Mo Craftin’!


Really awesome. One heart just isn’t enough for this Effort! And take a hero coin too.



I am also working on some boats right now. This is the year of crafting :). Next up is my desert map. As soon as I get all of that done I want to do a photo shoot of all the terrain laid out together. This is really only getting completed because all of the support you guys show in this forum and on the discord. This community really makes creation thrive.


You’re killing it! :muscle:t2:


Dude this paint job is absolutely stunning!!! What color palette did you use and also what type of brush strokes? It looks so ravaged and wind swept!!! Keep it up!!!


Diggin it… its got a black ice feel to it you just dont see… unique for sure


Thanks a lot dude, that’s a super nice compliment. I love to work with a really restrictive palette so I only used 2 colors (technically 1 color and a hue, but that’s a bit pretentious lol), pthalo blue (a nice basic medium intensity blue) for the base coat, then I mixed a bit of titanium white in progressively to get lighter shades of blue. I did 2 more layers this way using hanks sponge technique to give it depth. Then I finished it off by dry brushing plain titanium white with a 2” flat brush I got from Home Depot. The best way I can describe my brushstroke technique is basically a slightly gentler version of how Bob Ross beats his brushes after he cleans them lol. Try to go in multiple directions so you get that really wind swept texture. Also, to help spread the paint out and make it last longer I pour in some good ole Elmer’s glue and mix it. Hank and Black Magic Craft both talk about putting glue or mod podge in their base coats (both of them have fantastic videos on crafting), but I put it in with every layer of paint, I think it gives it more of a shell so it’s more resilient to damage. Anyhow, sorry for writing a novel as a reply, I hope this was helpful.


Great looking terrain. You really nailed the texture.

How many lighters did you go through?


Lol I went through about 3 lighters. Word of warning. If I ever do this again I’m going to buy one of those long grill lighters. The regular cigarette ones heat up the metal housing to the gas spout and burned my hand pretty good a few times.