Saturday one-shots



There are still 2 spots left for the one-shot on Saturday. We’ll be playing an adventure by me called ‘The Glass Eye’. We play on the 17th at 20:00 GMT as shown above and in the calendar. We’ll play through roll20 and Hangouts. Please let me know if you’d like to play!


Could I join yall? I haven’t actually played ICRPG yet hope that isn’t a problem.


of course you can! I’ll message you :slight_smile:


Thanks for running the adventure. We beat Garant, got the shard, help the Goblin retrieve the chest, got some loot. Diplomatically helped the Torton Captain and fix his ship that was attacked by the Warp Shell and went into space to continue our adventuring. Was a fun time, managed to stay out of combat. It was great to play rather than GM.


I really wish I could have been able to participate. I did get my computer running again. Next time I guess. Lol


I heard you all did great


Only just found this thread. Is anyone up for a F2F game based in Perth? Cant beat sitting round the table and rolling dice!


Would love to, but I’m on the east coast in Sydney :frowning:


I’ll let you know when I’m in Sydney next then. Would make the work trips a bit more interesting!