Saturday one-shots



Hey everyone,

I get so excited by this new forum and all the ideas that I would love to play ICRPG again. My proposal is:
Saturday the 10th of November at 8pm GMT (tomorrow) I would like to run a one-shot for interested minds. I will be DMing the ‘Alfheim’ session called ‘The Stone that Watches the Stars’. If you want to join, leave me a message/reply underneath and tell me what you’d like to play. If you want to homebrew something, we can talk about it. Write in your reply that this will be for the game tomorrow. We’ll use roll20 and hangouts, so have (at least) a mic ready.

My other proposal is:
Saturday the 17th of November at 8pm GMT (in a week) I would also like to run a one-shot. Not sure yet what I’ll create (it will be Alfheim though), but the same things apply: leave a message/reply, say which date, have (at least) a mic.

November 17, 2018 8:00 PMNovember 17, 2018 10:59 PM

I’ll aim for 4 players per Saturday

Cheers, Thomas/Seraphim


i would love to play the Nov17th, i am new to this system and have a lot to learn.
So far all i have done is read the book, would love the applied knowledge of seeing it in action.


I think i could do that on the 17th. Im in Sydney, so that would be 7am Sunday here. Id like to play a hillfolk.


Awesome @Lakins and @roved2101.01 ! I’ll prepare a game for the 17th then :smile:


You can add your event to the calendar! Edit your original post and you can setup a time and date for the event, and people can RSVP for it. It will appear on the ICRPG category calendar view.


what will i need for this game. remember i am new to this. i have the core book for the Alfheim bois. any restrictions?

i see @roved2101.01 wants to make a Hill Folk.

ill use this and see what i can come up with…


Awesome, will give me a chance to play. I’m usually always the GM. Thanks for organising it.


Can you check the calendar to make sure the event appears at the correct date and time? Thanks!!


Comes up as 18th November at 20:00. I corrected it when I added to google calendar to 18th November 0700 as I’m +11 GMT.




hopefully! still might be buggy… we’ll see


It says GMT+1 Stockholm! :heart_eyes:


I’ll try when I get home, but couldn’t find the option earlier. I’m at work now so I’m slow with answering for now.


Hey, I tried to change the calendar so it would show the right time, but it still says 18 november while it is the 17th and I am sure I clicked 17th just now. But I enabled RSVP so I hope that helps.


Interesting! So it’s not able to edit? I’ll try editing your post as admin to see if it allows me to change the date to Nov 17

Odd… I tried editing it to UTC because it’s set to GMT -12:00 right now but it didn’t accept an edit.


Ok I think I found a bug, but I was able to edit it, so hopefully that is the correct time and date now.


Thanks a lot. The time was 1 hour late, but I edited it to the right time now and it seems like it sticked :smile:

Thank you so much for this forum and all the gadgets and stuff on it. It’s amazing that we can have a (working) calendar!


Cool! I’m glad it is working now!!


How was the ICrpg session? :slight_smile:


No one signed up for today, but there will be a session in about a week :slight_smile: