Saturday Game Day. Finally used my new terrain!



Saturday has come and gone and another fantastic day of gaming has occurred. I used a strategy for a one shot I’ve previously discussed on this forum, namely, to have one of the players design the board and then I would create an encounter using their structures. This time went a little bit crazy in an unexpected way. My player made an ice fort on my forest board. This prompted my brother to reference Adventure Time, saying the ice king has invaded Finn and Jakes’s treehouse. I was already planning on using the Dwarves in my homebrew that are based off of ancient India and I get tossed this curveball… but the concept was so good. This was a perfect example of how flexible ICRPG is, because within 30 minutes I had 4 players with their characters ready (Finn, Jake, Marceline,and Tree trunks). It was an amazingly comedic night of gameplay, and of course they saved princess bubblegum from marrying the ice king. For the rooms I used Hanks video on an icy dungeon as inspiration. Every time my d4 timer counted down the ice would creep farther out, closing up doorways with breakable ice walls, freezing the ground into a slick ice rink, and increasing the room dc. The moral of the story is, this game can literally run any setting in a matter of minutes! And even though I didn’t get to run my homebrew campaign, I still had a blast


Awesome!!! And yes, ICRPG can literally run anything in a matter of moments.


Woohoo! I love me some Adventure Time!


Simply brilliant! All hail the wonders of crafting!