Running Orvald's Tower as a one-shot "mechanics training" in C&S


Over the next week I’ll have a bit of free time, so I’m thinking of running the family (plus sister-in-law) through a one-shot to teach them some of the mechanics for Crown. I’m leaning towards using Orvald’s Tower as a template of sorts because it’s got a little bit of everything while still being pretty confined.

Anyone see any reason this wouldn’t work out? I know Crown really isn’t meant to be run as one shots, but I figure at a minimum it will be a good crash course on phases and attrition. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!



Any good GM can run anything and make it fun.

My suggestions for you is to either have premade characters for them to choose from OR have almost completed templates that you have reviewed that require minimum input so you can run and go. The main strength of C&S is its customization of characters’ abilities using Hero Points, its in-game world choices built in to the progression (you need to find a sword master to learn melee), and its Attrition system.

If you can make those a focus, you should be good. Have them get Hero Points and get to a Safe area to train or improve equipment. Have them quest and roleplay to get those upgrades, destroy their flesh and iron with one big multi-phase monster!

If you can