Runehammer VTT Feature Guide



We are hitting v1.3.3 with some more minor improvements, especially on mobile, since I GMed a couple of sessions using only my tablet.

:bug: No more double-activation when tapping token icons
:bug: Dice are spread vertically on mobile (better screen usage without rearranging everything; on desktop it stays tightly packed)
:shield: Tokens with a pure number as label now have plus/minus icons (e.g. tracking enemy hitpoints)
:shield: You can draw onto your background and reupload it (neither redo nor eraser, just doodling around), allowing for some quick’n’dirty floor plans if necessary. Note, that pens are supported and disable drawing by finger (can be reenabled with the PEN-checkbox if you want to). That way, most palm touches are ignored while drawing (hopefully, pretty experimental).
:bug: Improved token label readability when zooming

As always: clear your cache and report every bit that’s off or broken :metal:

Tokens with Number Counters

When using a pure number as a label, all tokens now have the ability to add or subtract numbers from them. It’s a great way to track HP or other individual stats. Just create a label and input the specific number (no ‘#’ needed).

Token with number label

Plus and Minus option to add or subtract numbers from token

Drawing on Background

GM’s now have access to draw on the background with a simple drawing tool within the GM Drawer. These drawings are then uploaded as the new background. This allows GMs to draw in little details or draw maps on the fly as players move throughout the space. If you use a monochromatic background, like white, you can treat it very much like a whiteboard.

Drawing tool within the GM Drawer

The Drawing Preview Panel

_NOTE:_The new image will replace the old background with a new 1600x900px image. This may affect porportions and resolution slightly if the original image is not 1600x900px.


Pretty dang cool! :+1:t3:


We are hitting v1.3.4 with some more minor things (this time without restarting the server)

:shield: Slightly removed timer fontsize to find a middleground between different devices (the numbers should not longer be larger than the timer token itself)
:bug: Token rotation is back to work
:bug: Improved token movement responsiveness (is that even a word?) on chrome (notice that the FPS are limited to a lower number now)
:bug: Tried to make images less blurry. Please report your window.devicePixelRatio to me if things are still blurry for you.

As always: clear your cache and report every bit that’s off or broken :shield:
PS: There are still issues on my list :slight_smile:


=== RHVTT Update ===

We are hitting v1.3.5 with the following:

:bug: dice icons are not longer blurred or pixelated on chrome
:bug: music is no longer deleted by accident (do it manually if it’s intended)
:bug: token labels are no longer cut off at the bottom
:bug: ctrl-click to add/remove tokens to/from selection got fixed
:bug: ctrl-a selects all tokens correctly

As always: clear your cache and keep reporting :shield:


=== RHVTT Update ===

Quick and small update to v1.3.6

:bug: Adding TIMER DICE should work now consistently (just drag a dice icon into the scene, without any keys pressed like CTRL)
Note: The option of moving dice around had to be disabled. Both features were constantly blocking each other.

As always: make sure to clear your cache


=== RHVTT Update ===
We’re hitting v1.3.7 today with a few changes, one of them drastic!

  • :shield: Improved WAR|MAKER-dice (thanks to @Hankerin [B] for the help in updating the art)
  • :bug: Dragged-in Tokens now appear at the correct position (were slightly off here and there)
  • :exclamation: Hank and I decided to drop the patreon-requirement for RHVTT. Everybody (regardless of whether RH-Patreon or not) can now be a GM. The Patreon-Login still remains, but anybody can now join with any patreon account (even if there is no subscription to anybody). Especially, since patreon allows to quick-login via Google/Apple/Facebook, we’ve got a pretty quick and open access now

Clear your cache.

The Runehammer VTT FAQ

=== RHVTT Update ===

Folks, we’re hitting v1.4.0 with some great things:

:bug: When adding tokens while zoomed, the token size now fits the zoom level
:bug: The music player automatically appears/disappears if music is used or not.
:bug: The login page’s layout was fixed on mobile devices
:bug: Mobile users can now unselect tokens; this was broken for some reason…

:shield: All players can now doodle index cards
:shield: GMs can create game links with a game starting time, which works across different timezones
:shield: The skull dice is now using proper artwork, also on its roll results
:shield: A dice tray is added which holds your latest rolls (cleared after 1min or on right click). It only shows your own rolls (all rolls are shown as before) and dice inside the tray can be moved (e.g. for grouping while adding, just like at the table) and used as timer dice. So, RHVTT should allow for proper VDS gameplay due to the dice pool approach.

PS: As always keep on reporting broken bits and pieces.

Doodle Index Cards

Players and GMs now have the option to quickly doodle their own index cards and drop them directly into the game. In the bottom left corner of the screen, there is now a Pen (:pen:) icon that when clicked, will open a new drawing panel.

Draw Index Card button

The Draw Index Card panel is very similar to the Draw Background panel and you have options for color, brush size, etc… If you need to erase something, you can either use a white brush set or just trash the card and start again. Once you’ve completed your card, then you can click Upload and it will drop the new index card directly into the scene, as a token. This feature is available to all players. Not just the GM.

Draw Index Card Panel

NOTE: The Pen toggle disables or enables Pen Only Drawing. When toggled on, the panel will only respond to pressure-sensitive input, like a pen, and ignore something like your palm.

Behold! A new pile of gold!

Game Starting Time Countdown

GMs now have the option to include a countdown timer when they share game links with their players or prospective players. The GM can set the starting date and time in their own timezone and the countdown will translate the correct time in each of their player’s time zone.

On the Home Screen, after a game has been created and shows up in the GM’s Drawer, you should now see a new Schedule Icon (:alarm_clock:). Clicking that will open the Schedule Game panel.

Schedule Game Option

The Schedule Game Panel allows you to set a date and a time for your upcoming game. The Time option does use a 24-Hour Clock, so make sure you know if you’re meaning AM or PM. Once you have the time and date set, you can now click Start Countdown.

A Countdown Timer will then appear on the login page of that specific game. It shows the date, the time, and countdown until the game begins. This will adjust times according to the individual’s time zone.

NOTE: The Countdown Timer does not prevent you from logging and joining the game early.

Skull Dice Update

The Skull Dice have now been updated to either display skulls or nothing at all.


The Dice Tray

GMs and Players now have the ability to see a temporary history of all the dice they’ve rolled recently within a dice tray, on the right side of the screen. When a die is rolled, it is automatically added to the dice tray and after 1 minute (or by right clicking on a specific die) it will disappear. While it is in the dice tray, you can move dice around by clicking and dragging to group dice together. You can also click and drag a specific dice out of the dice tray to create a timer. Note that only your own dice rolls will appear in the dice tray, but you’ll still be able to see everyone’s rolls as usual.

To access the dice tray, just click on the tray once to open it. Click it again to close it.

As you make your rolls, color-coded dice will appear whether or not the dice tray is open or closed. While it is open, you can then click and drag the dice to move them around or drag them outside of the tray to create a timer.

Two VDS rolls grouped together for easier adding


Quick Note:

Back in version 1.2.3 (I believe), a ping feature was released that I completed forgot to include in this guide and it was brought up on the Discord channel. Oops! My bad.

Anyway, the RHVTT does have a ping option! You just have to double click anywhere on the screen and a color-coded radiating ping will appear where you clicked. Additionally, if you are zoomed in, the screen will automatically center on the ping location.

Ping radiates from where you double clicked


=== RHVTT Update ===
The VTT is currently (10/16) rebooting to install a small fix (no new version number):
:shield: The GM name is now updated using the Patreon login if you re-join (clear your cache + relogin via Patreon)

Due to some changes in some Google APIs, we’ll have a couple of more minutes of downtime but hopefully will return in function soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Modify GM Name in RHVTT

You can now modify your GM name within the RHVTT, by changing your Display Name within your Patreon profile, clearing all of your cookies for RHVTT in your browser, and then logging in. This will update the name displayed for logged in GMs here:


=== RHVTT Update ===
As announced, we’re hitting v1.4.1 with a few changes:
:bug: Workaround against those nasty broken tokens (showing labels but no tokens). Hopefully this isn’t happening anymore. Let me know if it continues to fail :grimacing:
:bug: Scenes are not break the scenes’ custom order if the active scene is deleted.
:bug: Workaround against players that were disconnected and cannot be kicked. That shouldn’t happen anymore hopefully :joy:. Let me know if it helps!
:shield: Increased file size for ZIP files (archived games) to 30 MiB.
:shield: The game schedule countdown now includes days if appropriate.


=== RHVTT-Update ===
We’re hitting v1.4.2 with some minor tweaks:
:bug: Stepping music volume fixed (shouldn’t go like 1%, 1%, 3% but 1% 2% 3%)
:bug: Music player remembers volume from the last session
:bug: Resetting the players’ box position now uses the correct vertical position
:shield: GMs can now see their players’ “User Agents” (= browser version, OS version - could be useful to report bugs) by hovering their name. The feature is only visible for GMs to avoid UI cluttering for regular players.
:shield: Roll multiple dice at once by hovering a dice and pressing a number (1-9) without clicking that often. That may become useful for VDS… idk, let me know!|


I put together a video version of this Feature Guide here in a YouTube Playlist. I thought it would be easier to focus on individual pieces of the VTT rather than just doing a long overview. Hopefully it helps!

One important note to mention is that I mispronounced glocke’s name in the first video. The name is “glocke” with an “eh” at the end. My apologies! I’ll get it fixed soon!


Fantastic! Watched a couple already, super helpful. :+1:t3::heavy_plus_sign::one:


=== RHVTT Update ===
Our VTT is hitting v1.4.3 with some minor changes in an attempt to lower the server load

Technically speaking:
:bug: better music caching
:bug: faster timer token dragging-in
:bug: detect re-upload of images

Have fun!


=== RHVTT Update ===

After v1.4.4 has been around on the DEV-Server for quite a while, it’s now time to publish the latest version of RHVTT!

End-user stuff:
:shield: A red (!) icon in the GM drawer indicates whether a game may expire soon
:hammer_and_wrench: Improved Connection Handling (fewer dropouts, kicking players should work better now)
:hammer_and_wrench: Music playback isn’t that loud anymore

Bug Fixes
:bug: Index Cards is now working again (reported by @Lon )
:bug: Exporting Games is now working again
:bug: Upload indicator arrows now working again
:bug: Removed broken tokens caused by mobile touch events (“token_dnull”, “rollbox” etc.)
:bug: Decreasing two-timer dice at once will not swap labels anymore
:bug: Players box is not flickering anymore when located at the screen border

Technical/internal stuff:
:hammer_and_wrench: Some performance optimization regarding Token Updates
:bug: Stat Analysis Tool can be used for DEV-Server too

NOTE: Server is currently rebooting


Hey Kane,

I have a feature request: Adding regular text (via typing) to index cards and scene backgrounds.

I’d like to quickly type something as a reminder or an explanation for a timer, a spell effect or whatever. If you are playing with the mouse, like most people do, doodling is hard, slow and ugly.

  • I think a color picker is a must and you have it already implemented for doodling anyway. Being able to select a couple of different fonts (no need for too many I think), and font styles (italic, bold, etc.) would be icing on the cake.
  • Being able to mix text and doodling on the same card is not a must, but having it would be dandy. If implementing it so will complicate things, doodling and scene backgrounds can have a dropdown to select the input mode (drawing or typing).

Great effort all around with RHVTT! :vulcan_salute:t3:

1 day later edit:
I’m aware that we can write short stuff directly into tokens but more text would be very helpful. Enabling text input will let us type in character sheets as well. I can’t look at up-to-date character sheets of my players and that causes wasted time, talking back and forth.


I have another feature request. :blush:

Toggling visibility of tokens/index cards. I’d like to prepare my scenes ahead of time and hiding my notes/creatures for the appropriate moment would be a good quality of life improvement.



=== RHVTT Update ===

v1.4.5 is here!

  • Straight Line tool for drawing index cards.
  • Hold SHIFT. Optional snap-to-(invisible)-grid. Hold CTRL.
  • Pen pressure is now used when drawing with a pen Line width (when using a mouse) can be altered using the mouse wheel Fixed broken zoom
  • Drawing index cards while being zoomed now places them correctly


Isn’t it a bit of a lie to say that it’s free if you need to pay for Hank’s Patreon though? :thinking:


You don’t. You just need to have a Patreon login, you don’t have to sub anything.