Runehammer Video HELP!


I’m considering putting together a forum post with an annotated list of Hank’s youtube videos for future reference. Thoughts?

In the mean time, I’m trying to find a video (that I believe I’ve watched but may be imagining) that specifically covers D.E.W. I can see it in my mind and hear Hank saying “Do the D.E.W.” but I can’t find the video. Any help?


More than this?


Great video but not the one I remember/imagined.


I remember that video, too. It was the same setup as the one FilBot3 posted, with the vertical banners (danger, energy, wonder), and part of the Key Mechanics series. I thought I’d be able to find it, but after scouring all of his videos (including the ones that only appear in the playlists…), it seems as though that video no longer exists.

I did notice in the “Deep Thinking, DM Mechanics, and More” playlist, that one video is hidden. I suspect that would be the video in question. DEW is still covered in the ICRPG core books, appearing on pages 90-91 of Master Edition.