Runehammer Maps


I have been printing out the Runehammer maps I have from Master Edition and Hard Suit and wish I had larger, colored versions of those maps.

Does anyone know where to find colored versions?

Is there a collection of maps out there somewhere for purchase? I noticed his large Doom Vault map is for sale and that’s great but wondering if there are similar products out there for the Master Edition worlds or Hard Suit.

I really enjoy the pictrographical approach and am trying to worn on my own map making with similar style.


Try these:


Thanks I forgot about the Map Posters! I’m gonna give these a shot. I do wish they came with colored PDFs too.

I did not know about the crowd made Hard Suit canvas map!


I had no idea this even existed! Thanks for sharing this link!


I agree. Hank’s maps just make my imagination soar, and I want to get lost in them. I would love a big high quality pic of ghost mountain to hang on my wall. Mind you, I don’t think there’s a format big enough to do justice to how ridiculously great it is. I’d want to live there if it wasn’t so terrifying. I guess just a day trip would do…

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I have ordered this POD set a couple of times and framed some of these maps to give to my players as gifts. They are a nice way to stay grounded in the Runiverse and remember some fun adventures. They are indeed works of art.


What an awesome idea for a gift!!! I will have to remember that.