Runehammer Codex!

This is a pet project of mine after recently joining Hank’s Patreon. I was trying to map out my progress going through the Mainframe podcasts when I thought this would make for a good community post.

First let me say this, Join Patreon! The sheer amount of content Hank puts out has blown my mind. There is no stopping this man. The quality is always amazing. I feel like my Gamemastering has leveled up just from the few posts I have read and Podcasts I have listened to. The youtube videos alone(over 194 hours!) have caused me to think about upping my game as a Dungeon Master. And if you are ever feeling a little bit of GM fatigue, watching a RUNEHAMMER video is the best thing ever for inspiration!

Alright, back to the point. This is a compilation of all the meaty Patreon posts I could find, plus links to a bunch of other Runehammer links. I added a section on Youtube Playlists as well.

Also, this is my first post. So if I am going a little overboard, please forgive me. :wink:


  • Drake Morrison


This is pretty awesome. A wiki would be ideal but this is a great start. Thank you.


Thanks! If you or anyone else has any suggestions, I would gladly take them!


My only Suggestion as an entirely new person myself, would be to expand the YouTube area and maybe categorize the Videos into relevant sections like “Actual Plays, GM Tips, Other Games”… and so on. But speaking as the aforementioned entirely new person this would be an EPIC level resource! Good on you sir!


Good idea! I think I will start by adding links to RUNEHAMMER playlists.


Shadymutha! A wiki would be amazing!


Y’know know what, man, there’s a whole group of very smart Immortals collaborating on a VTT. That black magic is beyond me.

Heck, I really don’t know much about wikis, but Im confident I can figure that out. If you’d like help in gathering and organizing this info, I’m game. Let me know.


This is amazing and such a great resource! Thanks so much for making and sharing with us!