Rules Errata (and Typos) in Digital Bundle


Just someplace to try and track any items found that might need to be looked at.

Page 124: What Gets Crossed? mentions there being 3 ways to decide what is lost but then only lists two ways.

Page 342: In the Skill Roll section it states “A roll of 1 critically fails” and “A roll of 20 critically succeeds”. This should be reversed.


I noticed the same thing. Good callouts


I may have found an issue: According to the example in “Called-For Defensive Rolls” (pg. 11) an enemies ATK is a penalty to a character’s defense stat. ”the Rules cheat sheet (pg. 343) Enemy ATK is subtracted from defense rolls.

Maybe I’m just being an autism, but the cheat sheet could be interpreted to mean that an enemies ATK actually improves a players defenses. By modifying and lowering the die roll, thus making it more likely to successfully defend (because of ‘roll under’)

I often play with people who don’t read the rules and only refer to cheat sheets. I foresee 20 minutes of arguements, half way through a session.


Under Cleric (pg. 21) the Magic 10 skill should probably be Faith 10.


There’s already a GoogleDoc to track all typos and errata. I’d advise putting them there.


Thanks for the update. I didn’t know about that document, but I have now added the information from my original post that wasn’t already listed in the document.