RPG Shelfies



I finally got around to getting a dedicated bookshelf for my continually accumulating gaming books.

Let’s see if we can keep this thread going with pics of yours.


Nice shelves!

When I was into collecting comic trade paperbacks, that community was big into “shelfies”. heh But it can certainly apply to RPG collections, too!


The trade comic collecting shelfies gave me the idea. Plus I was just happy to see all the RPGs in one spot after having them spread out before.


Love your Cthulhu icon! I posted my shelfie some time back: Portrait of the GM as an old man

No satisfying way to display the enormous collection of PDFs I’ve amassed, sadly…


Mine a spread throughout the house lol


Here is my small shelf, MAGIC, WORLDS, Blood and Snow, and everything else is either spiral bound or stapled. :shield:


Spiral bound is so useful. And bonus shelfie points for your copy of Ronin.


This is mine lol



Now that’s what I’m talking 'bout! :+1:t3: You look like someone who may have X-Wing stuff…I was thinking of getting into that game, whatcha think?


We just got a humongous row of shelves as a post XMAS present for ourselves. So I’ve been working harder than usual to consolidate my Boardgame and ICRPG/Tabletop resources. Like, this is a forever project because I keep buying more like I have all the time to game in the world—Seriously! I have bought odds and ends this month for 3-4 campaigns from now, or one shots/encounters that may never even happen! Heh.

So currently my ICRPG/Tabletop stuff lives in my tableside rolling craft shelf (aka “the Death Star”) a huge, learning pile of storage baskets and stuff in the office, and several more on the new shelves.

This thread makes me want to consolidate more and get to a presentable photo-friendly level. I’ll be back with pics, hopefully sooner rather than later. Meantime, I’m going to take inspiration and motivation from what y’all post!


Have first edition only. It’s a solid easy to pick up game that has lots of tactical choices. I like it but haven’t made the jump to second edition on principle. Not buying everything again just to help Fantasy Flights bottom line.


Alright alright I have one.
These are the majority of the books I own


As a 47 year old life long gamer that’s what mine would look like if I’d never moved, heard of Half-Price Books, or if I had a basement. Kudos to you, I wish I still had all those old books.


Here’s mine. Picked up the shelf at Ikea a couple months ago. It’s in my upstairs den where I play solo and with my kids. My wife got a matching shelf for sewing supplies.


@Shadymutha Fuck yeah Invisibles!