RPG paper minis+ at a super good price



Just wanted to let y’all know! Okumarts Games has a big sale going on right now. 10% goes to Ocean Conservancy. This will bring you to his Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/bundle-of-28969855

This link is for the sale itself on countdown.



Just bought my bundle and its ALOT of stuff, definitely worth passing the threshold ($24.78 as of this post) to gain the bonus sets. :clap:t3:


Oh yeah, forgot to say once you buy and make an account with the bundle of holding people, it links up with your DriveThruRPG account and you can manage the files there if you wish.


I’ve purchased a grip of his minis. Really love them. Many have layer options that change colors, etc. Great stuff.


Friendly reminder, 10 days left to get this bundle, 300 sold so far…there are some free merfolk on his patreon if you wish to see his art up close. The majority of his mini packs have color option layers, and most of the pages have 12 different minis per page.