Room Design S.O.S. (Speed Kills)



Shield Wall, I call for aid! We ran Speed Kills for a group of two, Psyker Blip and Elf Mage a while ago. We’re getting ready to play again but I’m stuck. We stopped right before the final showdown in hell. For whatever reason I can’t think of what the final encounter will look like.

  1. Brutus controls the Phantom
  2. All known gang members were dispatched on the way there.
  3. The party jumped into the portal without vehicles
  4. They left Ratboy outside trying to talk down Star.
  5. The Warp Shell seems to have crashed on GONE. It might be healing itself, but they don’t know why she crashed in the first place.

I’m not sure where to go for this one. I have been stuck for weeks on the room design. This is the climax to the last session and after I’m not sure what to do with them. Any help would be awesome!


Gotta find a way for Star to let go of her vengence… maybe its by ending Brutus, maybe it’s by appealing to Lucifer to loose his grip on her… but her redemption is the real goal…


Brilliant, as always @Runehammer! Those words sparked one hell of a creative planning session! I ended up making something fairly RP driven in the form of resolving her 3 memories that still bound her to the mortal plane. Resolving them resulted in gaining her as an ally in the final fight with Brutus and disabling the Phantom’s ability to heal itself when it blipped.

I think I’ll write up the night for a more in-depth post. It was a blast! Perfect blend of high-energy combat and high-energy, gut-retching, tragic social encounters. I had my players in solemn tears by the second memory!

And with Brutus dragged down to the Pits of Hell and Star sailing down with Charron to the Silver Shores, it was the best session I think I’ve ever had!