Room Design Help Request (Hell's Kitchen)



Hey everyone, like to brainstorm some more ideas from you creative geniuses.

So here is the Cannibal Cults’s Kitchen

The Troll Chef: Stirs a giant cook pot and adds random rare ingredients into the mix from the shelf behind it.

Two Cultist Assistants: Shave and hack up the victims in preparation for the Troll’s cook pot.

Two still living shackled victims on the tables: (Potentially replacement player characters if a player’s characters died already)

Fire Pit: Located in the center of the room raw meat sizzles on its grill.

Timer: Every 1d4 ROUNDS a fly swarm spawns into the room. HARD check on whoever is caught in the swarm till flies are removed. 1 HP immune to most attacks. (use fire or something to disperse them)

                                The Question

Each ROUND I want to have the Troll chef toss a rare ingredient into the cook pot and then roll on a random table for an effect. Maybe 4-6 possible effects.

  1. Vortex - The troll tilts the cook pot forward and everything on that side of the room must make a STR check or be pulled 1 BANANA distance toward the cook pot. Those who fall into the cook pot boil for ULTIMATE effort. Those pulled also have to watch out for the fire pit located in the center of the room.
  2. Blinding Onions - All must make CON checks or become blinded for 1d4 ROUNDS
  3. Healing Vapors - All creatures are healed for MAGIC effort. Enemies and Characters.
  4. Bloody Bits - Gore splashes from the pot, CHR/WIS saves as your doused in bloody chunks and gain 1d4 STRESS (a madness mechanic of mine)
  5. Sticky Dough - Made of insect flour - 1d4 Flings from the pot at random targets. Targets must make a DEX save or be rooted. Str to break free

Any Ideas what other effects could happen?


My buddy made a fat cannibal wizard in a game once. He used a large wooden spoon as a wand. He would mumble his recipes for cooking people out loud.

Could add some potent onions and have them CON check or their eyes burn and they cannot see.

DEX checks to dodge flying kitchen knives.

Cannibals are fun.


LoL I love this. My troll now doesn’t speak, it just speaks in cooking terms. “Flay the skin and boil the meat”

Blindness for 1d4 ROUNDS is a good effect.

Thank you


What about something positive, say a culinary herd that is also medicinal. All with “x” gain “x” hit points


The opposite, a herb that is poison when cooked. All within “x” take “x” damage.


Additions to the pot:

  • Liquid needs to be added to keep the boil going. Water makes for too thin a soup, so it’s blood! Make CHA save or get grossed out, losing your turn.
  • The fire needs to be stoked, and more wood added. Black acrid smoke billows out. Make a STR check to suppress violent coughing, else all rolls HARD.
  • Hot chili peppers or lots of raw garlic. Make a DEX check to close your eyes before the wave of vapor hits you! Your eyes water profusely. All rolls HARD.
  • Bones added to the boil crack loudly! WIS or INT save or be stunned.

Other room-based threats to play with:

  • The troll is not a tidy worker. As he chops and dices, bits of stuff go flying around the room. Roll DEX or get splattered with some offal, making the next d4 rolls HARD (and guarantee the flies swarm to you!)

  • The kitchen is not sanitary. Every d4 rounds, a swarm of flies gets in your way. All rolls HARD that round.

  • The cultists are petty and bickering, and very cowardly. As combat breaks out, they present more of a hazard from their fumbling attempts to get behind one another, or the troll, rather than fight the party! DEX save or get tangled up with them!


A positive effect is a good idea! Heals enemies and Characters alike. Thank you

Lots of good inspiration there. The flies are my favorite, very flavorful and adds to the grimdark tone. Thank you


Cool stuff man, cool stuff…


Love this! I’d love to play in this.

Maybe a rooting effect? The troll spins sticky pizza dough, made of insect flour and leavened with noxious mushroom spores, then tosses it. Hits one PC plus all CLOSE to them. Save DEX or be rooted for 1d4 ROUNDS. PCs can use their action to make a DEX or STR check that, if successful, clicks down the timer.


Love it! Can hear the troll speaking of how it made the insect flour to make the dough just right. Thanks for contributing


How does your Stress mechanic work?


Going to test it this Sunday for the first time. It’s heavily based off the Darkest Dungeon style of stress.

My Stress Mechanic


Mothership has a great stress mechanic, too. Sometimes stress helps you, giving you laser focus (huge bonus to hit). Lots of inspiration and ideas to pillage from that system! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Skippy I’ll read through the pdf now and see if I can mine any last min things.